SSEA Telescope 525x Review

SSEA Telescope 525x Review – Another excellent choice for observing constellations, nebulae, and the moon, among other celestial objects, is the SSEA Reflector Telescope.

It is built to last, with a strong and sturdy design that ensures years of excellent performance. You will appreciate how easy it is to instal and start watching without any prior experience.

Granted, the product comes with all of the necessary components and accessories for use. And if you have a sense of style, you will appreciate how the overall design and outlook cater to it.

SSEA Telescope 525x Review

SSEA Telescope 525x Multiple Magnification Options, 56X, 168X, 175X, 525Xpower with 3 Multi Power Eye psc mod 60700 Zoom Refractor Telescope
Package Dimensions70 x 26 x 15 cm; 999 Grams
Item part numberDE-WYJS-0402-530
Item Weight999 g
71LHI1KBTsL. SL1600
  • It has a large aperture, which gives it a wider field of view and improves image clarity and visibility.
  • It has a sturdy and long-lasting body with a stylish finish that ensures long-term use.
  • When in use, it comes with a handy tripod stand to provide mounting support.
  • A green moon filter is included to improve the viewing experience.
  • High-definition lenses with varying magnification (up to 525X) over a range of distances and object sizes are used.
  • High-powered night vision allows for optimal performance in low-light situations.
  • Multiple ocular lens options (H20mm, H12.5mm, and SR4mm) are included to meet a variety of observation needs.
You Save : ₹ 7,999

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