Top 10 Best KENT Water Purifier With Reviews, Price List 2022 and Offers

Buy India’s Best Kent Water Purifier and Check Best KENT Water Purifier With Reviews, Price List 2022 and Offers – KENT RO offers a wide range of water purifiers & filters with advanced RO, UV & UF water purification technologies.

Do you want to purchase a Kent Water Purifier? Have you had trouble with Kent’s wide range of products? Do not worry, the solution to your consternation is right here.

Before we start, do you know that we rely heavily on rivers and underground water supply for our consumption because India has 4% of the world’s water resources.

Unfortunately, India’s water resources have been degraded as a result of rapid urbanization and industrialization. Pesticides, chemical spills, plastics, industrial waste dumping, and rusting of water pipelines have all contributed to the emergence of cholera, dysentery, diarrheas’, jaundice, tuberculosis, and even cancer as a result of the deterioration of drinking water.

Kent doesn’t just provide you with a water purifier, Kent gives you the assurance that your water is as pure as it was meant to be by nature: the greatest gift to humans!

Since most of the towns and trade flourished along the banks of the river, it is clear that it is impossible to ignore the impact of water quality and purity.

KENT RO Systems has taken a step towards improving the degradation of domestic water supply quality through innovation and the creation of sophisticated ‘water purification systems’ to make drinking water healthier, cleaner and safer.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of the top 10 Kent Water Purifier products. You simply review each product’s description, benefits, features, technology involved, specifications, price, and other details before deciding on the best Kent water purifier for your needs.

Best Kent Water Purifiers in India

Best Kent Water Purifiers In India
Best Kent Water Purifiers In India

Kent RO Water Purifiers

Now, with KENT RO Water Purifiers, get pure and germs-free water. Based on the patented Mineral ROTM technology from KENT with a multiple RO+UV+UF+TDS controller purification process.

Besides removing bacteria and viruses from drinking water, KENT’s RO Water Purifiers remove dissolved impurities, making the water pure and rich in essential natural minerals.

Best Selling Kent RO Water Purifiers

  • KENT Prime Plus
  • KENT Grand Star
  • KENT Supreme Plus

Kent UV Water Purifiers

Best Uv Water Purifiers In India
Best Uv Water Purifiers In India

Bring home KENT UV Water Purifiers, which disinfect water using Ultra Violet (UV) radiation to make it free of deadly bacteria and viruses. KENT’s UV purifiers, equipped with multiple UV+UF purification processes, purify water from the tap and municipal supplies and store it in a built-in storage tank.

Best Kent UV Water Purifiers

  • Kent Maxx
  • Kent Ultra
  • Kent Ultra Storage

Kent Gravity Water Purifiers

Best Gravity Water Purifiers In India
Best Gravity Water Purifiers In India

Get eco-friendly water purifiers that purify drinking water using the natural force of gravity. The purpose of KENT Gravity Water Purifiers is to remove suspended impurities, bacteria and cysts.

To remove chemicals, bad odour and taste from your drinking water, this non-electric UF based water purifier is equipped with a state-of-the-art hollow UF membrane.

Via Gravity, experience Purity!

Best Kent Gravity Water Purifiers

  • Kent Gold
  • Kent Tap Guard
  • Kent Gold Optima

KENT Water Filter Pitcher

KENT has introduced two water filter pitchers – the KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher and the KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher – to ensure that you drink safe, clean and germ-free water.

The water filter pitchers come with a sediment filter that removes tap water from physical impurities. The pitchers also have carbon filters that remove the chemical impurities found in tap water, such as chlorine and even odour.

The ergonomic design allows the pitchers to be stored easily in any refrigerator. KENT Water Filter Pitchers provide water that is germ-free and very tasty. The 3.5 filtration pitcher has an advanced filter that can purify up to 1000 litres of water to make it adequate for every home.

Best KENT Water Filter Pitcher

  • KENT Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher
  • KENT Gravity Water Filter Pitcher

KENT water Purifier List

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KENT Water Purifier Buying Guide

Kent Water Purifier Buying Guide : Everything You Need To Know Before buying one | Here are some important factors you need to consider when buying a water purifier for home:

  1. Types of Water Purifiers :- Water Purifiers Come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes..There are a variety of water filtration technologies on the market. It’s critical to understand the various water purifier technologies in order to make the best option. You can pick from RO, UV, and UF (gravity-based) water purifiers depending on the water quality and budget. Here’s some more information on the various technologies:
  2. RO Water Purifiers:- For places with high TDS levels, reverse osmosis purifiers are ideal. Heavy metals, Flouride, Arsenic, and other hazardous pollutants are removed from water using RO water purifiers. RO purifiers, on the other hand, aid in the removal of some key minerals from water, so it’s critical to check that the water purifier includes a TDS controller.
  3. UV Water Purifiers:- UV water purifiers employ a high-powered UV lamp to disinfect water and aid in the removal of pollutants. UV water purifiers are excellent for cleaning municipal water and tap water. UV water purification, on the other hand, cannot eliminate dissolved contaminants from water.
  4. Contamination:- Bacteria, nitrate, dissolved pesticides, and lead are just a few of the contaminants that can be found in water. Any laboratory can test the amount of pollutants present in water. If the water in your home is high in bacteria and toxins, installing a RO+UV+UF filtering system is a smart choice. The UV impact irradiates the water and penetrates bacterium and virus cells, preventing them from reproducing. These organisms are unable to reproduce and will eventually die. The RO membrane aids in the removal of dead bacteria and pollutants from water, making it safe to drink.
  5. Storage Capacity:- When purchasing a water purifier, it is critical to consider the storage capacity. If you live in a region where power outages are common, you’ll need a water purifier with a larger storage capacity. When the water level in the purifier drops below a certain level, the automated water purifiers begin the purification process.
  6. Certifications:- Another crucial thing to consider while reading water purifier reviews is the brand’s certifications. Certified water purifiers guarantee that the brand is genuine and reliable. NSF, WQA, ISI, and CE have all given KENT their highest quality certificates.
  7. Maintenance and After Sales Services:- Finally, before making a final selection, make sure you have all of the necessary information about water purifier maintenance and after-sales services. A water filter that necessitates frequent maintenance is not worth the money. You should also look into the company’s after-sales services. If something goes wrong with the water purifier, poor after-sales service causes a slew of issues.
  8. Last Few Words:- These are some of the most crucial elements to consider when purchasing a water purifier. With the rising level of pollution, purchasing a water purifier is a must to avoid disease. KENT water purifiers serve to remove pollutants from water so that it is safe to drink. If you want to learn more about KENT’s water purifiers, go to

Pollution is increasing dramatically day by day, and everything will be polluted, from water to food. Water is the most important resource for humans to survive. As we all know, our bodies are nearly 70% water, so drinking unpurified water is extremely harmful to our health.

Only by purifying the water we drink in our daily lives will we be able to avoid basic health problems. For the purification of source water, people used to use the method of boiling and filtering.

Here, we will go over the features of one of the best water purifier brands, KENT. Kent introduced a variety of affordable products to the market, ranging from small families to large corporations, and this is the primary reason why most people are interested in purchasing Kent water purifiers.

Kent offers a variety of water purifiers for commercial and residential use, as well as technology-based water purifiers such as RO, UV, UF, Gravity, and Non-Electric.

KENT Water Purifier FAQ

1. Does Kent water purifier dispense hot and cold water?

Answer: Kent currently does not offer a water purifier that can dispense both hot and cold water. Perhaps in the future, the company will produce models that look like this. The AO Smith Z9 Hot+ regular RO, on the other hand, could be excellent for you if you’re seeking for a water purifier that can deliver both hot and cold water.

2. Is Kent water purifier better than Aquaguard water purifier?

Answer:- In India, both Kent and Aquaguard are well-known, with Aquaguard being the oldest and most reputable brand. Customers, on the other hand, are increasingly favouring Kent. In general, both companies offer excellent items that meet the diverse needs of Indian consumers.

3. Which is the best model of Kent water purifier in 2022?

Answer: – The Kent Supreme water purifier is the ultimate model currently available on the market, out of all the Kent water purifier variants. This one-of-a-kind model comes with a slew of extras. Kent Supreme Lite is the most affordable option, while Kent Supreme Alkaline is the most expensive. Depending on your demands, you can purchase any model from the Kent Supreme range.

KENT Water Purifier Customer Services

KENT RO Systems has one of India’s most extensive sales and service networks. KENT is also well-known for its excellent customer service.

On selected models of KENT RO water purifiers, KENT provides a free extended warranty of up to four years. A phone call to customer service and after-sales support is all it takes.

KENT Water Purifier Customer Care Support

You can reach a KENT support representative by dialing toll-free 1800 100 1000. KENT can be reached at +91-9278912345 for any service, installation, or AMC-related inquiries.

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