KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier Review

KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier (11042) | UV+UF Water Purification | Wall Mountable | 7L Storage | 60 L/hr Output | White

KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier

Kent Ultra Storage 7 Ltr, UV and UF Water Purifier

KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier Review – Kent Ultra Storage Water Purifier is the best water purifier for domestic use. Mounted on the Wall Your kitchen will be transformed by the Kent Ultra Water Purifier. It has the capacity to store 7 litres of inlet water at a time, as well as a storage tank to ensure that water is available at all times.

KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier uses a UV+UF purification process, with UV first and then a hollow fibre UF membrane to provide 100 percent pure drinking water.

KENT Ultra Storage, that utilises multiple purification process of UV+UF, first by UV followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to provide 100% pure drinking water.

Stylishly designed as wall-mountable, KENT Ultra storage comes with 8 litres storage capacity to ensure continuous availability of purified water. This purifier is ideal for purifying tap and municipal supply water.

Model NameUltra Storage
Storage Tank Capacity7 Litres
Purifying TechnologyUV + UF
Filter TypeSediment, Activated Carbon, UF Membrane
Membrane Type0.1 Microns Hollow Fibre Ultra Filtration Membrane
Purification Capacity60 L/hr
Maximum Duty Cycle120 litre/day
Storage Tank MaterialABS Food grade Plastic
Other Body FeaturesFood-grade, Non-breakable Plastic, Built-in SMPS
Electrical TypeElectrical and Storage
Power Requirement220 ± 10V AC, 50Hz
Operating Voltage24V DC
Installation TypeWall Mountable
Width13.6 cm
Height34 cm
Length39.5 cm
Net weight4.7 kg

KENT Ultra storage is stylishly designed KENT Water Purifier as a wall-mountable unit with an 8-litre storage capacity to ensure continuous purified water availability. This purifier is ideal for purifying water from the tap or municipal supply.

KENT Ultra Storage uses a UV+UF multi-purification process to remove bacteria, viruses, and cysts from water, making it germ-free and drinkable.

KENT Ultra Storage contains a high-powered 11-watt UV lamp that kills all germs in water, making it safe to drink.

This water purifier has an impressive 8-litre storage capacity for filtered water. Its high purification capacity of 60 L/hr aids in the speedier delivery of filtered water, making it more convenient for you.

KENT Ultra Storage features computer-controlled features like filter changes and UV change alarms. For safety and convenience, the alerts signal when the filter and UV light should be replaced.

Features of Kent Ultra Storage 7 L UV+UF Water Purifier

  • Purification Technology: Double purification using UV and hollow fiber UF membrane.
  • Activated Carbon Pre-Filter: Reduce bad taste and odor from water and provide pure water to drink.
  • Storage Capacity: Purified water storage capacity of 7 Liters.
  • Purification Capacity: Ultra High purification capacity of 60 Liters per hour.
  • Suitable For: Suitable for big families and all water sources such as overhead storage tanks, bore-wells, municipal taps, and even water tankers.
  • Computer Controlled Operation: Ultra Storage water purifier comes with computer-controlled operation that alerts you with an alarm for filter change and UV lamp becomes inefficient
  • Certifications: Tested & Certified for quality & performance by world-renowned organizations like WQA (USA & India), NSF (USA), and ISI (India).
  • Water Level Indicator: Kent Ultra Storage comes with a water level indicator in the tank.
  • Other Features: Inbuilt SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) to keep it safe from power fluctuations
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from Kent
  • High Storage Capacity of 7 Liters.
  • Double Purification with UV+UF.
  • Activated Carbon Pre-Filter.
  • UV Fail & Filter change alarm alert.
  • Water level indicator in the storage tank.
  • No Display
You Save : ₹ 1,950
KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier (11042) | UV+UF Water Purification | Wall Mountable | 8L Storage | 60 L/hr Output | White
  • Multiple purification by UV+UF process happens first by UV followed by hollow fibre UF membrane to completely filter out dead bacteria, viruses and cysts
  • Country of Origin- India
  • Wall-mounted design to be suited for domestic purposes, Single Phase 140-250 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • 60 liters per hour purification capacity. Power Consumption: 36W
  • 8 liters storage capacity
  • Pre Filter not included
  • Suitable for purification of tap water and municipal water supply
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty. Terms and Conditions apply


1. Which material uv chamber made of ?

Answer: -Inside layer of UV chamber is made of stainless steel.

2. Is it compatible with 350 TDS?

Answer: -It’s basically a water purifier not RO. It doesn’t reduce tds. As per recent govt recommendation, no RO is required for 350 tds.

3. Is pre filter required for Kent UV water purifier ?

Answer: -The pre-filtration stage is crucial for protecting the RO Membrane from damage. If the pre-filters are not changed, the RO membrane may be damaged, and the water purification process may be harmed.

4. Should we switch off water purifier at night ?

Answer: -Remember that you should not turn off your water purifier at night in general. Even if it’s just to save a little electricity or reduce the unit’s wear and tear. Water purification systems are designed to run almost continuously, and turning them on and off unnecessarily can cause damage to the components.

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