KENT Pride TC Water Purifier Review

KENT Pride TC Water Purifier|KENT Pride TC (11087), Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS Control, 8 L Tank, White, 15 LPH Water Purifier || Use this KENT Pride TC wall mountable water purifier to live a healthy lifestyle. For effective purification, it includes RO, UF, and a TDS Controller. With the TDS Controller, the UF membrane protects against harmful microorganisms, and the mineral RO technology retains vital minerals in water. It’s also a good choice because it has an 8-liter storage capacity and a purification rate of 15 litres per hour.

The KENT Pride TC is an advanced RO purifier that makes water healthy and 100 percent pure for drinking. KENT Pride TC is an ideal water purifier for domestic use because of its wall-mountable design, multiple purification process of RO+UF+TDS Control, and automatic operation. This purifier, which uses Mineral RO Technology to retain essential minerals in purified water, is suitable for purifying water from all sources and takes total care of your health.

KENT Pride TC Water Purifier

KENT Prime TC (11030), 20 Litre/Hr Water Purifier

Kent Pride TC Water Purifier is one of the best RO water purifiers for home use. The Kent Prime Water Purifier is made with advanced technology and features a transparent shield that allows us to see the RO technology as well as TDS control.

The KENT Pride TC RO Water Purifier features a transparent design that highlights KENT’s patented Mineral RO technology, as well as an integrated TDS controller.

This KENT Water Purifier is designed to be wall-mounted and is ideal for purifying brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply in Indian homes and offices. The RO+UV+UF+TDS multiple purification technology helps to remove dissolved impurities, chemicals, bacteria, salts, and viruses from water while preserving essential minerals.

Features of KENT Pride TC Water Purifier.

  • Storage capacity of 8 litres and purification capacity of 15 litres per hour Rate of Production
  • Mineral The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in purified water can be controlled using RO technology.
  • Suitable for brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply purification
  • Users will appreciate the fully automatic On/Off operation.
  • Makes Water 100% Pure by Multiple Purification Process.
  • Mineral RO Technology.
  • Retains Essential Minerals
  • High Storage and Purification Capacity
  • Water Level Indicator
  • PAN India Service Network
  • No Auto Alert for Filter/Membrane Change
You Save : ₹ 4,765
KENT Pride TC (11087), Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS Control, 8 L Tank, White, 15 LPH Water Purifier
  • Purification process by ro+ uf+tds control makes water 100% pure
  • TDS control system allows adjustment of tds level of purified water
  • 8l storage tank with water level indicator
  • Ro and uf membranes fused inside membrane housing to prevent tampering
  • Fully automatic operation with auto-on and auto-off function
  • ABS construction for corrosion-free life span
  • Suitable for purification of brackish / tap water / municipal water supply Compact design needs lesser space for installation
  • Capacity: 8 liters
  • Power: 60 watts; Includes: Kent Pride TC Mineral RO Water Purifier: 01, 3-Way Connector: 01, S.S. Ball Valve: 01, Food Grade Pipe 1/4 inch (Blue): 2.5 m, Food Grade Pipe 3/8 inch (White): 2.5 m,...
  • Country of Origin: India

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