KENT Gold Gravity Water Purifier Review

KENT Gold Gravity Water Purifier (11014) | UF Technology Based | Non-Electric & Chemical Free | Counter Top | 20L Storage | White |

This is one of the best Kent water purifiers in the gravity-based water purifiers segment. Kent Gold is also listed in the top non-electric water purifier list in India.


Bring home KENT Gold, a first-of-its-kind gravity-based water purifier, that is designed to have UF technology for purifying water. KENT Gold works on the principle of gravity purification and does not require any electricity. The hollow fibre UF membrane with 0.1 microns of pore size restricts bacteria or cysts to pass through it, thereby allowing you to drink pure and safe water, and keep waterborne diseases at bay.

KENT Gold is a gravity-fed water purifier that uses ultrafiltration technology to decrease microorganisms in the water and make it safe to drink.

KENT Gold has a storage capacity of 20 litres, with 7 litres for unfiltered water in the top tank and 13 litres for purified water in the bottom tank.

KENT Gold purifies water without the use of electricity or any chemicals such as chlorine, bromine, or iodine, assuring 100% safe and healthy drinking water.

This water filter is made of food-grade, non-breakable plastic, which means it will last a long time.

KENT Gold has a 0.1 micron hollow fibre UF membrane that prevents bacteria or cysts from passing through and into filtered water.

KENT Gold is a table-top purifier with a high-base stand that allows you to easily fill the glass without having to place the purifier on the edge of a table/slab.

KENT Gold Water Purifier

KENT Gold 20-Litres UF technology based Gravity Water Purifier

For those concerned about their family’s safety from water-borne diseases, the Kent Gold 20L water purifier is the best option. Kent has created a new gravity-based water purifier with a transparent body that allows you to see the water level inside the purifier and fill the gap with inlet water by turning on the switch.

Bring home KENT Gold, a gravity-based water purifier with UF technology for purifying water that is the first of its kind.

Model NameGold
Storage Tank Capacity7 litres – Raw water, 13 litres – Purified water
Purifying TechnologyGravity-based UF Technology
Filter TypeSS Mesh, Sediment, Activated Carbon
UF Membrane0.1 Microns Hollow Fiber Hydrophilic UF Membrane
Purification Capacity20 litres/hour
Filter Life4000 Litres
Max. Duty Cycle120 litres/day
Max Operating Water Temperature35°C/113°F
Min Operating Water Temperature10°C/ 32.2°F
Other Body FeaturesFood-grade, Non-breakable Plastic
Electrical TypeNon – Electrical and Storage
Installation TypeTable-Top
Width35.5 cm
Height60 cm
Depth32.6 cm
Net weight3.6 kg

KENT Gold is a gravity-based purification system that does not require electricity. The 0.1 micron pore size of the hollow fibre UF membrane prevents bacteria or cysts from passing through, allowing you to drink pure and safe water while avoiding waterborne diseases.

Kent Gold 20L UF Gravity Based Water Purifier Features.

  • With an average annual maintenance cost of Rs. 550, this is the most cost-effective water purifier.
  • Transparent tank made of food-grade ABS plastic that is unbreakable.
  • The glass can be easily positioned to draw water thanks to the high base stand.
  • Membrane with a long life expectancy of up to 4000 litres
  • Ideal for purifying water from a variety of sources, with a preference for low TDS water.
  • Purification using a hollow fibre ultrafiltration membrane with 0.1 micron pore size.
  • Raw water (7 litres) and purified water (13 litres)
  • Nano-silver carbon is being used to improve water disinfection.
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: 1 Year
  • It works without the use of electricity.
  • During the filtration process, no chemicals were used.
  • Large capacity for storage.
  • Simple to keep up with.
  • Cannot be used for water with high TDS.
You Save : ₹ 701
KENT Gold Gravity Water Purifier (11014) | UF Technology Based | Non-Electric & Chemical Free | Counter Top | 20L Storage | White
  • Color: White. Purification by hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane
  • Use of nano-silver carbon for better disinfection of water. Long life membrane expected to last upto 4000 Litre
  • Transparent tank made of unbreakable ABS food-grade plastic
  • High base stand enables easy positioning of glass to draw water
  • Ideal for entry level water purifier; Max Operating Water Temperature: 35°C/113°F
  • Ideal for purification of water from most sources preferably low TDS water. Max. Duty Cycle 120 litres/day
  • 1 Year Warranty. Includes: Water purifier, User manual, Warranty card and Service center details
  • Country of Origin: India

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