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Best Wireless Keyboard – Among all the peripherals that surround computer devices, perhaps none is as important as the keyboard, since it acts as a bridge between what we want to execute and what we actually see on the screen. The proliferation of Smart TVs, laptops and desktops have led to the need for a new type of keyboard: wireless. Do you know them?

If you’re not sure what wireless keyboards are, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. Throughout the pages that follow, we will go through all the necessary points to know in depth what is behind these modern peripherals that are growing more and more in popularity. You will see how you let yourself be seduced by its comfort and usefulness.

Best Wireless Keyboard
Best Wireless Keyboard

The most important

  • Wireless keyboards have almost all the technical and aesthetic characteristics of traditional keyboards, except for how they are linked to computing devices. The novelty is that they do not need connection cables for their operation, which helps to save space and frees us from the discomfort they pose.
  • Most of these keyboards work, though not exclusively, with bluetooth technology , and can be used for various devices, not just PCs. It is also very common to link them to Smart TVs , tablets , laptops (even if they already have built-in keyboards) and even mobile phones.
  • To choose a good wireless keyboard, it is advisable to pay attention to some purchasing criteria, such as the layout of the keys, the switches, the range of wireless connectivity and mobility. They are very easy to configure and use peripherals, and you can take them with you wherever you want.

Ranking: The best wireless keyboards on the market

The discomfort of cables, given the number of electronic devices we use on a daily basis, has become almost unsustainable. That is why when the opportunity to do without them presents itself, we appreciate it. Wireless keyboards are a living example of how to use a computer or tablet more comfortably . We present you the best offer on the market.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Wireless Keyboards

The emergence of wireless keyboards has marked the history of our relationship with computing. The wireless trend (without cables) is here to stay. If you are looking for the best model that suits your needs, it is logical that the variety of the market may overwhelm you. In this section we go through the most common doubts and concepts.

What exactly is a wireless keyboard?

Wireless keyboards are input peripherals that, like any traditional model, use a system of keys – which act like mechanical levers or electronic switches – to send information to computers or other devices. These in particular are characterized by not needing any type of cable to link them with other devices.

How do wireless keyboards work?

Most wireless keyboards work with bluetooth technology . In general, this requires the installation of a USB connector on the device that we want to link. This connector receives and sends signals to a bluetooth chip inside the keyboard. This is how communication with the device is generated: without cables, without complications.

Another way of linking wireless keyboards that is becoming increasingly popular is from batteries. Some models use traditional alkaline (AA) batteries, which can last up to 18 months without the need for replacement. Other keyboards work thanks to rechargeable batteries: they consume more quickly, but you do not have to buy again.

What is the range of wireless keyboards?

It is not easy to generalize about the range of wireless keyboards. It is the power that determines its range, and it varies from one model to another. Some keyboards can work through walls, while others need to be in the same room as the device to be connected for connectivity to be effective.

The further we move the wireless keyboard away from the device, the more interference we will see. The positive is that since cables are not necessary, you can use the keyboard anywhere that is within reach, that is, it does not have to be fixed. Generally, the standard connectivity distance is 10 meters.

What types of wireless keyboards are there?

Wireless keyboards are not all the same. With the fragmentation of the market, specialized models began to emerge according to user profiles and existing devices. That is why when purchasing one, you must be clear about what purpose you want to give it. In the following table we show you the models according to the device to which they are connected.

KeyboardDesignUsePower supply
For smart TVSimilar to a joystick , ergonomic and light.The Smart TV are like computers and these keyboards replace remote controls.Rechargeable lithium batteries.
For tabletUltrathin, light and portable.The tablets work with touch technology, but many people prefer to write on traditional keyboards.Alkaline or rechargeable batteries.
For Android / MacThey are of various kinds. Some very small and compact, like joysticks , and others wide and thin, more to work with.These keyboards have exclusive compatibility with a particular smartphone operating system . They are used for those who need more space to write and use the mobile.Bluetooth.
For videogamesThey tend to have bold, multi-colored designs, and the keys act like mechanical levers.The gamers appreciate a lot of these keyboards, allowing them well be comfortable to spend long hours in front of the screen.In computers, they usually work by bluetooth or with long-lasting alkaline batteries.
For computerThey are the most popular and their designs are very varied.The greatest advantage of its use lies in the absence of cables in the place where the PC is installed.Bluetooth , alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries.
MultipurposeTouchpad keyboards can be linked to devices of different nature. In addition to the traditional keys, they include a touchpad for navigating the device, just like on a laptop.Those who choose these models take advantage of the usefulness of the touchpad to use any device such as a laptop.Bluetooth.

How important are the wireless keyboard switches?

Switches are considered by many to be the most important component of a keyboard. Remember that these are like the foundations of the keys. If you opt for wireless keyboards of the mechanical type, for example, the switches will last longer (and also the keys) and you will have a more complete guarantee in case of a technical problem.

How do I connect wireless keyboards on Mac devices?

Apple has been using bluetooth technology since its first wireless device, so everything is much easier. Wireless keyboards for iPad or for a desktop Mac allow you to use bluetooth connectivity through the Preferences menu. Your Mac will search for devices, and as long as the keyboard is in “discoverable mode,” it will find and pair it.

What does ghosting mean when we talk about wireless keyboards?

Although all wireless keyboards allow certain keys to be combined, many models fail to detect different keys being pressed simultaneously. This phenomenon is known as ghosting and is caused by the lack of individual sensors on each key. To avoid this, there are keyboards with an anti-ghosting system , which do allow this function.

The problem of ghosting in wireless keyboards affects the gaming world above all . Thanks to the key rollover that some models have, a keyboard can recognize a number of keys pressed at the same time. It can be of a specific number such as 6 or 10 keys at a time or it can be unlimited (NKRO). More intensive users prefer the NKRO.

What is the best wireless keyboard layout?

As we have mentioned before, there are issues that depend on how we use the wireless keyboard or the device to which we want to link. Classic models with a number pad on the right, multimedia controls and functions consist of 104 keys (105 if it is ISO). From there, we find keyboards with fewer and fewer keys, reaching up to some with 61.

The choice is often one of comfort and functionality. Among the most popular layouts are the American (US ANSI) or European (ISO) layout . This choice, for example, depends on the size and position of certain keys such as “enter”, so it is not a minor issue. We must know what aspects to prioritize when working with keyboards.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a wireless keyboard?

The irruption of wireless keyboards has been a great success in the world of technology: computers, TV, tablets and mobiles. However, it has also had its detractors who continue to lean towards wired keyboards. In the table that follows we show you the most positive points of these peripherals and some that are not so positive.Advantage

  • No cables or restrictions
  • There is no wear on the old cable or mobile connectors
  • They are portable and easy to connect
  • It allows you to be much more distanced from the device
  • Your workspace or use will be cleaner and tidier


  • Possible connectivity, latency, or interference issues
  • Battery use or constant battery
  • They are usually not as configurable ( software ) and have fewer customization options ( hardware )
Best Wireless Keyboard In India
Best Wireless Keyboard In India

Why is the ergonomics of wireless keyboards important?

Because basically, we spend a lot of time on these types of wireless keyboards and we have to make sure they are suitable. Beyond the standard distributions, some manufacturers modify the size or arrangement of some keys for reasons of comfort, ergonomics and user profile of use.

There are even models of wireless keyboards that separate the left-hand and right-hand key layouts for more natural use. It is also common to find in some keyboards designed for intensive use the inclusion of a wrist support to protect the joint after many hours of uninterrupted use.

Is it true that wireless keyboards are vulnerable to cyber attacks?

No it’s not true. It is true that a specific event occurred with respect to Logitech wireless keyboards and mice. A security breach was detected that allowed attackers to keep track of the keystrokes or send their own commands to the computer to infect it with malware . Logitech has introduced Unifying technology to remedy the danger.

Purchase criteria

Taking our keyboard anywhere we go is no longer impossible. And without cables! Wireless keyboards are very comfortable tools to handle our devices and adjust to our uses and needs. Since choosing one model among so many that the market offers can be arduous, we recommend some criteria that are essential.

  • Scope
  • Connectivity type
  • Key layout
  • Ergonomics
  • Mobility


A wireless keyboard is of no use if it does not have enough range to permanently forget about cables. The idea behind these peripherals is to provide the user with greater autonomy. The range is directly related to the power, so you must make sure that it has, depending on the type of connectivity of your model, at least 10 meters.

Connectivity type

As we have seen, not all wireless keyboards connect in the same way. Depending on the use you want to give your model, you must choose whether you prefer Bluetooth operation , rechargeable batteries or alkaline batteries. Some devices will not leave you an option, such as Apple’s, but in other cases it depends on your use: for example, bluetooth is convenient for gaming .

Key layout

Using a wireless keyboard basically consists of pressing keys, so it is logical that we seek the highest possible quality from the design and the user experience. The most basic classification is that of a mechanical or electronic key system. This aspect also depends on the use: for gaming , which requires a lot of keystrokes, a mechanical system is always better.


This criterion is closely linked to the previous one. Wireless keyboards are designed to comfortably adapt to our usage habits. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure that the layout, the ergonomics of the materials and the feel of the keys are satisfactory. These details are often included in product descriptions.


One of the biggest advantages of wireless keyboards is that we can carry them with us at all times. However, there are models that are very large and do not fit in our backpacks or bags. Others are extremely heavy and take extra effort. Therefore, check that the dimensions and weight of your model are according to your capacity.

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A wireless keyboard is an input peripheral that does not need cables to connect to electronic devices. This is a great advantage for those who enjoy using mobile phones, computers or Smart TV lying on a sofa, without having to be so close. Most of them work by bluetooth , but others also use batteries or alkaline batteries.

There are different types of wireless keyboards. On the one hand, they are classified according to the device to which they are connected. They also depend on the user experience that the user has. The important thing is that they are compact, light and easy to transport. The recommended range they must have to be truly useful is at least 10 meters.

If you liked the article, share it among your contacts so that others know in depth everything there is to know about wireless keyboards. Surely many people can take advantage of this information before making their purchase. Also, if you want, you can leave us a comment that we will answer as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

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