Top 10 Best Water Cooler in India with offers and Buying Guide

Best Water Coolers in India for 2023 | The famous “ Indian summer ” has already arrived, and the sweltering heat seems to be getting worse every year. You can now beat the heat from the comfort of your own home, thanks to coolers. Air coolers have long been regarded as a more environmentally friendly and portable alternative to air conditioners. Furthermore, because cooler prices in India are significantly lower, they can cost up to 75% less than ACs.

The best air cooler is determined by its type, cooling capacity, and water tank size. You can choose the best air cooler in India for your needs based on these features and get your money’s worth. However, the market is flooded with renowned brands that provide some of the best air coolers in India, making it difficult to choose just one. So, to help you find something within your price range, here are some of the top contenders for the best cooler in India in 2023.

Find the Best Water Coolers in India based on what customers said. After comparing more than a dozen Best Water Coolers, our team concluded Blue Star BWD3FMRGA Star Hot, Cold and Normal Water Dispenser with Refrigerator(Standard) is the Best Water Coolers. Picks: Best Water Cooler In India

We have crafted this list of Top 10 Best Water Coolers available in India, along with a quick buyer’s guide to help you identify a suitable product for yourself and your family! Winner: Best Water Cooler In India

Symphony Ice Cube 27 Personal Air Cooler For Home with Powerful Fan, 3-Side Honeycomb Pads, i-Pure Technology and Low Power Consumption (27L, White)
  • Coverage Area: This high-performance air cooler is suitable for rooms up to 16 square meters of the area under ideal conditions
  • Clean Air with i-Pure Technology: With multistage filter it combats air pollution, odor-causing microorganisms, and allergies to give you fresh air. For effective cooling keep doors and windows open
  • High-Efficiency Cooling: Long-lasting dura pump, high water retention capacity honeycomb pads and cool flow dispenser to distribute water evenly on all sides make your summer cool and refreshing
  • Low Power Consumption: This energy-saving cooler for room uses only 95 watts (approximately) and can also be operated on inverters. So unwind this summer without worrying about bills and power cuts
  • Tank Capacity: When it comes to water capacity, this cooler has a 27-liter tank and a water level indicator to let you know when to refill it Runner: Best Water Cooler In India

V-Guard Arido D50 H Air Cooler | 50 Litre | Air Delivery - 4200 m3/h | Two Years Warranty on Motor & Pump
  • POWERFUL AIR DELIVERY: Best-in-class | Air Delivery-4200 m3/h | Air throw distance – 14.6 metre
  • TANK CAPACITY: 50 L | Uni-drip flow water distribution | Easy to read Water level Indicator
  • ULTRA CONVENIENT:  Wide voltage working range (160V ~ 270V) | Inveter compatible| Aerodynamically balanced body| 3 Speed Setting | Easy to read Water level Indicator
  • EFFICIENT: Antifungal cellulose honeycomb cooling pads | distribution| 4 way mobility| Tetra air flow cooling| Ice chamber for enhanced cooling| Corrosion resistant fan blade
  • Product Dimension - 60.5 x 48 x 99.5 (cm)| 2 years warranty on Motor & Pump | PAN NDA Service network 1800-103-1300 (Toll Free) | 1860-180-3000 (Toll) or send a “Hi” via WhatsApp to +91963350333...
SaleBest Overall
Crompton Jedi PAC Personal Air Cooler- 35L, with Everlast Pump, 4-Way Air Deflection and Honeycomb pads, White & Black,ACGC-JEDIPAC35
  • Product: Crompton Jedi PAC 35 Personal Air Coolerwith water tank capacity (upto brim) of 35 L; Suitable for 140 sq. ft. room size
  • Cooling Performance: Blower with Air Delivery of 1200 m3/hr; Ice Chamber is available; Cooling Medium is High Density Honeycomb pad that to provides superior & prolonged cooling for hours.
  • Engineered with everlast pump, the Jedi PAC 35 air cooler copes up with high-level TDS & jam to ensure durability & smooth working.
  • 4-way air deflection allowing you to adjust air stream direction according to your convenience.
  • Crompton coolers requires only 130 watts and can be run on inverter power. Dimensions of coolers: 400 x 290 x 835 mm
SaleBest High-End
AmazonBasics Air Purifier with 5-layer Filtration and Air Quality Indicator
  • True HEPA Air Purifier with 5 layer filtration and 360m3/hour capacity; ideal for medium to large sized rooms, can provide medium purification to extra large rooms with up to 43m2 area
  • High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter removes 99.97% of all particles and cleanses air of hair, large pollutants, dust, bacteria, allergens and germs; also equipped with an activated carbon...
  • Has 2 working modes including an automatic mode; operates at 3 fan speeds to provide different levels of purification
  • Operates at a low sound level (35 db) and is equipped with a sleep mode which regulates the fan speed for low noise; appliance also has a light sensor which switches off the display when low light is...
  • Appliance and filters are tested extensively in an international lab against international protocols
SaleBest Value
Crompton Ozone 55-Litre Inverter Compatible Desert Air Cooler with Honeycomb Pads for Home and Commercial (White and Teal)
  • PRODUCT: Crompton's high performance portable desert air cooler with separate ice chambers
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity 55 L; Air delivery 4250 CMH; Air throw 50 ft.; Power 190 W; Operating voltage 230 V; Package dimensions : 114.2 x 68.3 x 46.3 cm; Suitable for upto 550 sq. ft. area
  • ENHANCED AIR FLOW AND COOLING: Motorized and oscillating louvres for 4-way air deflection; Honeycomb cooling pad for improved water retention
  • INVERTER CAPABILITY: Relatively lower power requirement; Can run on inverter power
  • DURABLE: Rust-free body with smooth, easy to clean exteriors

Buying guide for the Best Water Cooler

Key Factors Before Purchasing the Best Air Cooler in India

As a result, in this article, we will tell you about the best air cooler in India, which will effectively help you beat the summer heat. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten air coolers based on features, durability, and price. It will assist you in deciding on the best air cooler to purchase and live comfortably in India’s scorching summers.

Before we begin, consider the following factors when selecting a cooler to help you beat the heat this summer.

Capacity of the Water Tank

This is an important consideration in our search for the best air cooler to buy. To cool a closed environment, air coolers use the water vaporisation method. Simply put, it converts water into water vapour and disperses it. This rapidly reduces the temperature of the room. Keeping this in mind, we must understand that the larger the capacity of the water tank, the longer your air cooler will run. As a result, when choosing the best air cooler in India, keep the water tank capacity in mind. If you’re looking for an air cooler for your living room, a capacity of 40-65L is ideal. If it is intended for a bedroom, however, an air cooler with a water tank capacity of 20-35L will suffice.


The airflow of the air cooler is another important feature that depends on the size of your room. The airflow is measured in cubic feet per minute, abbreviated as CFM. The measurement tells you how much air circulates in your room per minute.

Let’s go over a simple trick for calculating the CFM required for your room.

Determine the size of your room. Assume the room has a square footage of 200 square feet.
Determine the height. Assume our hypothetical room is 10 feet tall.
To determine the required CFM, divide the measurements by 2. This means that the 200 sqft x 10ft height will be divided by two. As a result, the CFM required for our hypothetical room is 1,000 (200 sq ft x 10 ft / 2). Isn’t it simple?

Pads for Cooling

The cooling pads are an important feature that many people overlook when purchasing air coolers online. This is surprising because cooling pads have a direct influence on the air cooler’s cooling feature. As a result, if you want the best air cooler for your room, you must consider this feature and its functions.

Better cooling is achieved with thicker cooling pads. There are primarily two types of cooling pads on the market: cellulose and aspen.

Cellulose cooling pads are more expensive, but they require less maintenance and can be used for a longer period of time. Because of its shape, it is also known as honeycomb pads.

Because they are made of synthetic fibres and wood shavings, aspen pads are less expensive. The disadvantage is that you will have to replace it every year. As a result, the upkeep is high.
You may have guessed, but let us state it anyway. When compared to Aspen, the honeycomb pads provide more effective cooling.

So, these are the main factors to consider while purchasing the Best Water Coolers in India. Hope this Best Water Coolers buying guide helps you choose the right product depending on your budget and personal requirements.

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Water Cooler FAQ’s

1. Which is the best air cooler in India 2022 ?

Answer: – This is a relative question because there can be many ‘best’ coolers in different domains. The best desert air cooler or the best tower air cooler can exist. It is also determined by the price and features provided. To give you an idea, here are the best air coolers for different types:
Hindware Snowcrest 50 is the best desert air cooler.
Hindware Snowcrest 85-H is the best personal air cooler.
The Flipkart SmartBuy Alpine Tower Air Cooler is the best tower air cooler.

2. Is air cooler better than an air conditioner ?

Answer: – There is no correct answer to this question. It depends person-to-person. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Air coolers, for example, only work properly in dry areas, whereas air conditioners consume a lot of power and emit a lot of heat while running. To give you an idea, more people choose air conditioners than coolers.

3. Which is better desert cooler or room cooler ?

Answer: – A desert cooler is a better choice because it allows outside air to enter. As a result, the room does not become overly humid and sticky. A room cooler, on the other hand, tends to make the room humid and reduce the cooling effect if proper cross-ventilation is not used. coolers.

4. What is the difference between a tower fan and air cooler ?

Answer: – A tower fan is simply a fan that rotates while standing in one place. It is ineffective on extremely hot days. A tower air cooler, on the other hand, is an air cooler that is shaped like a tower and provides cooling to the surrounding area.

5. Can we use air cooler without water ?

Answer: –Yes, you can make use of it. However, it is not recommended because the motor frequently burns out. And using an air cooler without water is the same as using a regular fan; it won’t be as effective.

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