Top 5 Best Tata Water Purifier in India

Best Tata Water Purifier in India for 2023 | Tata Swach purifiers have become very popular in recent years. These purifiers will help purify the water completely and ensure your proper health by using advanced technologies such as silver cartridges for maintaining mineral balance or zero wastage of water. To meet the needs of different people, the brand has introduced various purifier products with a variety of features.

So, do you intend to purchase a Tata Swach purifier for your home?

If so, this Tata Swach water purifier review will help you decide which purifier is best for your domestic needs. Below, we’ve covered some interesting facts about the brand as well as the top five purifiers that have received a lot of praise from previous customers.

Here you can find the Best Tata Water Purifier in India based on what customers said. After comparing more than a dozen Best Tata Water Purifier, we think TATA Swach Stainless Steel Water Purifier is the Best Tata Water Purifier.

5 Best Tata Water Purifier in India

List of Top 5 Best Tata Water Purifier in India

Ranking Tata Water PurifierCheck Price
1Tata Swach Viva Silver Buy Now From Amazon
2Tata Swach Non Electric Cristella PlusBuy Now From Amazon
3TATA Swach Cristella Advance Buy Now From Amazon
4Tata Swach Desire+ Buy Now From Amazon
5TATA Swach Stainless SteelBuy Now From Amazon

List of Top Picks: Best Tata Water Purifier In India

Tata Water Purifier is a renowned brand in India that offers a wide range of water purifiers to cater to the diverse needs of consumers. With a commitment to providing safe and clean drinking water, Tata has introduced innovative technologies and features in their purifiers. Here are some key aspects of Tata Water Purifiers in India:

Advanced Purification Technologies: Tata Water Purifiers utilize various advanced purification technologies to ensure the removal of impurities, contaminants, and harmful substances from the water. These technologies include UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultrafiltration), RO (Reverse Osmosis), and a combination of multiple purification stages. Each technology targets specific types of impurities, providing comprehensive purification.

Multi-stage Filtration Process: Tata water purifiers employ a multi-stage filtration process to deliver purified water. The different stages may include sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, RO membrane filtration, UV disinfection, and post-carbon filtration. This combination effectively eliminates physical, chemical, and biological impurities, ensuring safe and healthy drinking water.

Smart Features and Convenience: Tata Water Purifiers come with smart features and user-friendly designs to enhance convenience. Some models have indicators or alarms that notify you when it’s time to replace the filters or when the purification process is complete. Others may feature storage tanks, water level indicators, or touch-sensitive controls for easy operation and maintenance.

Ergonomic Designs and Durability: Tata focuses on creating purifiers with ergonomic designs that blend well with modern kitchens or household setups. The purifiers are built with sturdy materials to ensure durability and longevity. They are also compact and space-saving, making them suitable for both small and large kitchens.

After-sales Service and Support: Tata is known for its strong after-sales service and support network. They provide prompt and efficient customer service, including installation assistance, periodic maintenance, and replacement of faulty parts or filters. This ensures a hassle-free ownership experience and reliable service for your Tata Water Purifier.

Customized Solutions: Tata offers a range of water purifiers suitable for different water sources, whether it’s tap water, borewell water, or municipal water. They have models designed for low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) water as well as high TDS water, catering to specific water quality requirements.

It’s essential to consider factors such as water source, purification needs, budget, and service availability in your area while selecting a Tata Water Purifier. Reading customer reviews, comparing models, and seeking expert advice can help you make an informed decision and choose the Tata water purifier that best suits your requirements for clean and safe drinking water.

We updated this list of Top 5 Best Tata Water Purifier available in India, along with a quick buyer’s guide to help you choose a suitable product for yourself and your family, friends, colleagues.

1. Tata Swach Viva Silver

Tata Swach Viva Silver

The Tata Swach Viva Silver is the company’s first electric water purifier, which is why it has become so well-known in recent years.

It must be hung on the wall, and due to its sleek design, you will not have a problem with a lack of space after installation.

The primary filters in the purifier product are UF and UV, which will remove both chemical and biological contaminants.

A pre-carbon block is also included to remove larger contaminants, extending the life of the UV tank and the UF filter.


  1. Works on electricity 
  2. Has LED indicator system at the front
  3. Space-efficient body design
  • It has a water purification capacity of 30 litres per hour, which is quite high.
  • All microbes will be killed by the UV lamp, while the finer particles will be removed by the UF membrane.
  • It has a 6-liter capacity for purified water storage.
  • There is no RO filter, so it is unsuitable for areas where the water is contaminated with heavy metals.

2. Tata Swach Non Electric Cristella Plus

Tata Swach Non Electric Cristella Plus

Assume you do not want your electric bill to rise further as a result of the addition of a purifier. In that case, the best non-electric water purifier in India is the Tata Swach Non-electric Cristella Plus.

It is divided into two parts: the upper storage tank has a capacity of 9 litres, and the lower tank has a capacity of the same size.

Water must be poured into the upper tank from the top, wide mouth, and then purified using the Tata Swach purification bulb.

The bulb will remove as many bacteria, protozoa, and other water contaminants as possible, ensuring that the purified water stored in the lower tank is healthier for your body.

Aside from the filter bulb, there is a top mesh that removes tiny sediment or silt particles from the water, thereby eliminating the bad odour or taste.


  1. Gravity-based water purifier.
  2. Has a storage tank with 18 liters .
  3. Doesn’t work on electricity .
  • You’ll have an endless supply of water throughout the day with an 18-liter storage tank.
  • The material used to construct the purifier is strong and resistant to heat and chemicals.
  • The dual-way dispenser tap allows you to quickly fill the bottles.
  • The purifier relies solely on gravity filtration.

3. TATA Swach Cristella Advance

TATA Swach Cristella Advance

The Tata Swach Cristella Advance is an excellent choice for those purchasing their first purifier.

It has dual chambers, the top of which will contain normal water from your home’s supply, while the lower tank will contain purified water.

Because the material used in purifier production is scratch and heat resistant, the product will last longer.

It employs gravity filtration technology, with the Tata Swach bulb capable of removing all biological contaminants. Because of the presence of Tata Swach Fuse, purification can be shut down automatically.


  1. Scratch-resistant outer body 
  2. 2-way dispenser tap 
  3. Highly durable purification bulb
  • No chemicals, such as chlorine or potash crystals, are used to purify the water.
  • You will not require a supply of running tap water.
  • It has a long bulb life of 3000 litres of water purification.
  • The purifier lacks a digital indicator.

4. Tata Swach Desire+

Tata Swach Desire

You should try the Tata Swach Desire+ because it looks quite different from other non-electric water purifiers on the market.

Instead of the traditional blue, the purifier is made of eye-pleasing transparent white and magenta colours.

It has a total water storage capacity of 27 litres, ensuring that you have clean water all day.

The top mesh filter removes physical contaminants, the middle Tata Swach bulb removes all biological contaminants, and the microfilter removes minute contaminants.


  1. Comes with a wonderful design 
  2. Can handle 27-litres of water at a time 
  3. Works on gravity-based purification technology 
  • It can hold up to 6000 litres of water.
  • Helps to keep the pH between 5.5 and 9…
  • Can purify water with a maximum TDS value of 1500ppm.
  • Not suitable for areas where the water contains iron and heavy metal ions.

5. TATA swach stainless steel water purifier – TATA swach steel water purifier

TATA Swach Stainless Steel

Assume you have a limited budget but do not want to buy the basic plastic-based water purifiers. In that case, the TATA swach steel water purifier is an option.

The product has a total capacity of approximately 20 litres. The purifier can produce 4 to 5 litres of purified water per hour, which is sufficient for the average Indian family.

A mesh filter with pore diameters in microns will be located at the very top. At the heart of the system is a filter based on ultra-hollow technology that removes the majority of biological contaminants from the water.

The product can handle up to 1500 TDS levels in the water supply, removing the majority of dissolved particles.

Features of TATA swach steel water purifier:

  1. Made from pure stainless steel .
  2. Comes with dual filters .
  3. Sturdy dispenser tap .
  • The cartridge has a longer lifespan of 1.5 years.
  • The UHF filter in the product has a purification life of 6000 litres.
  • Interiors that are rust-free to keep iron from accumulating in your water.
  • Not recommended for the removal of heavy metals and other chemical contaminants.

Buying guide for the Best Tata Water Purifier

Considerations When Purchasing a TATA Water Purifiers in India.

When it comes to purchasing a water purifier, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Not all purifiers are designed to meet your specific requirements. When purchasing a water purifier, there are several factors to consider.

A) Water Quality:

The first and most important factor to consider when purchasing a water purifier is the quality of the water supplied to your home. The type of impurities found in water is determined by its source. Impurities may include harmful pollutants, chemicals, bacteria and viruses, as well as hardness.

Impurities in water will vary depending on the source, which can be bore wells, harvested rainwater, piped municipal corporation supply, and so on. It’s also important to know whether the water you drink is hard or soft. Water is classified as soft or hard based on its TDS or dissolved solids level. TDS is the degree of hardness, and it is measured in parts per million (PPM) (Parts Per Million).

B) Contamination :

Piped water is prone to contamination from bacteria, dissolved pesticides, and lead. Impurities can have a variety of negative effects on our health. If the water supply contains a lot of microbes and contaminants, use a UV filter. The bacteria and viruses are irradiated by the UV filter. By removing these dead germs and contaminants from the water, the RO membrane makes it safe for consumption.

C) Capacity for Storage :

The purified water is transferred to a storage tank. The storage capacity of various purifiers varies. Water purifiers with larger storage capacities will be heavier and take up more space. 7 to 10 litres is the most common storage capacity.

D) Water Purification Process :

Every water purifier employs some sort of filtering mechanism to filter the water. A semi-permeable membrane is used in the Ro purification process to remove metals, ions, molecules, and larger particles. The hardness of the water is also removed by the RO filters. UV water purifiers kill germs by emitting ultraviolet rays. The third most common type is UF, which uses hydrostatic pressure to remove bacteria and viruses from water. It is critical to verify the number of purification stages in the water purification process.

E) After-Sales Service :

Water purifiers require routine maintenance. A good after-sales team is critical to ensuring that everything happens at the right time. The proper maintenance ensures that your family continues to have safe drinking water at home.

So, these are the main factors to consider while purchasing the Best Tata Water Purifier in India.

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FAQ’s about Tata Water Purifier

1. Who should use this Tata Swach water purifier ?

Answer:- Tata Swach purifiers are suitable for both urban and rural households. After all, Tata’s primary goal was to provide safe drinking water to every Indian household. Assume you do not want to increase your monthly electric bill. In that case, non-electric water purifiers such as the Tata Swach Desire+ or the Tata Swach Cristella Advance are ideal. Assume, however, that you want to use advanced purification technology. In that case, the electric Tata Swach Viva Silver is an excellent choice.

2. What you should know about the Tata Swach water purifier ?

Answer:- Tata Swach water purifiers are designed by experts from various Tata industrial branches such as Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals, and even TCS. The primary goal of the company is to create a purifier that is inexpensive while providing 100 percent purification of any input water.

3. Why choose a Tata Swach water purifier ?

Answer:- Do you want to know why Tata Swach water purifiers are a good fit for your home?
If you answered yes, don’t worry too much about it. All purifiers from the Tata Swach brand have a high purification efficiency, making even brackish or tap water drinkable. Furthermore, the appliances feature advanced TSRF technologies that will aid in the removal of all contaminants from the incoming water supply.

4. Benefits of Tata Swach water purifiers ?

Answer:- Electric and non-electric consumptions are both available.
Suitable storage tank capacity for supplying purified water for extended periods of time.
Removes hazardous chemicals as well as other biological contaminants from the input water.
Can purify water from a variety of sources, including municipal water, tap water, and so on.
Design of a purifier that is easy to use and requires little maintenance.

5. Customer complaints about Tata Swach water purifiers ?

Answer:- So far, no complaints have been made about the Tata Swach water purifiers. However, people are anticipating the company’s release of various purifiers with electric configurations.

6. What is the tata water plus toll free number ?

Answer:- 1800-2-585858 | India Customer Care.

Final Conclusion

The need for a purifier has grown significantly over the years. However, most other brands’ products are quite expensive, and the average person could not afford one of them.

As a result, Tata Swach created both electric and non-electric models. In this article, we discussed both categories so that you can choose the one that best meets your needs.

Assume you’re in the market for a non-electric purifier. In that case, we recommend the Tata Swach Desire+, which includes three filtration units and a 27-litre water storage capacity.

However, suppose you want the best purification possible using advanced technologies such as UF. In that case, the Tata Swach Viva Silver is an excellent option.

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