The Top 5 Best Sewing Machine Brands in India

Best Sewing Machine Brands in India – The idea of wearing proper, stitched and made clothes has always been a priority for everyone, not just fashion. Nobody obviously wants to wear ill-fitted clothing. Stitching appears here as a very necessary ability that should be mastered by all.

Therefore, if you are an avid lover of stitching, if you have chosen to learn to stitch, or if you want to stitch your own made garments, then you need to purchase a perfect sewing machine of perfect quality.

It is very important to properly examine and then buy a good sewing machine because once you have purchased it, you do not want to regret the object.

  1. Usha
  2. Singer
  3. Brother
  4. Bernette
Best Sewing Machine Brands
Best Sewing Machine Brands

Best Sewing Machine Brands Company

#1. Usha

One of the most trusted brands in India is Usha International Ltd. It produces the highest quality products to provide the easiest and simplest lifestyle possible for its customers.

Usha has launched the most useful kitchen appliances under its banner, including fans, sewing machines, water coolers, dispensers, power products, inverters, etc. All it has created today has been a customer’s option.

Talking about its sewing machine, Usha manufactures Japanese technology-made automatic sewing machines. Its sewing machines are very innovatively designed. In them, all the characteristics of a smart sewing machine were correctly caused.

Many consumers enjoyed their experience of using Usha’s goods. In addition, these high-quality appliances often have very fair and affordable prices.

Official Website –

Usha Toll Free Number
Usha Toll Free Number

#2. Singer India

Singer India Logo

Founded by Sir Isaac Merritt Singer in 1851,’ Singer Sewing Machine Company’ has been a pioneer for 170 years in the manufacture and sale of sewing machines.

In the year 1871, the company developed its presence in India and has since been synonymous with sewing and stitching across the country. In the year 1977, while continuing its glorious path, the business was acquired by “Indian Sewing Machine Company Limited.”

The company was later renamed as “Singer India Limited” with its headquarters in New Delhi, as we know it today.

In the state of Jammu and Kashmir in India, Singer India has its production facilities in Jammu.

Singer India Limited (SIL) is an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company with two main market segments: sewing products and home appliances.

Our range of home appliances includes food processors, dry iron and steam iron, blender grinders, toasters and sandwich makers, hand blenders, etc.

The firm has recently added room coolers and water heaters to its diverse portfolio of products. The Sewing items are sold under the “Singer” & “Merritt” brand with showrooms, distribution networks and a very large Pan India after-sales support network.

Brand NameSinger India
Official Website
Customer Care Number Toll Free – 1800-103-3474
(Mon-Sun between 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM)
SMS Helpline No. – 9555390390

#3. Brother

International Brother (India) Pvt. Ltd, ltd. Incorporated in 2006, it operates with fully integrated capabilities for sales, marketing and operation. About Brother H.O. It is headquartered in Mumbai and has 5 showrooms in Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata & Lucknow at the moment. Via 15 warehouses globally, it serves its clients.

Brother Company Glowing Logo
Brother Company Glowing Logo

Brother has won recognition as a company synonymous with providing product innovation and customer loyalty for more than a century.

Brother, a Japanese company founded in 1908, has 17 manufacturing sites (including five Brother Industries, Ltd. factories) and today has 52 distribution companies operating in 44 countries in different regions.

Brother is now a leading brand manufacturing creative, high-quality products for the printing and photography, labeling and sewing industries.

Laser printers, multi-function centres (MFCs), fax machines, label printers, and a large range of household and industrial sewing machines are main products.

A trusted brand worldwide that believes in the “Customer First” approach in all facets of our business, through our broad range of quality solutions, Brother has continuously met the varied needs of our customers.

Brand NameBrother
Official Website
Customer Care Number 1-800-222-422
1-800-209-8904 (Toll free)

#4. Bernette

Bernette offers traditional sewing machines and electrical sewing machines, which are not only perfect for stitching but also for embroidery.

It is a corporation headquartered in the US, but it sells its goods in many parts of the world (including India). It has some wonderful features that make it all the more fun for the sewists to sew.

Through its goods, it provides about 15 or even more different types of stitches and 4 buttonholes so that you can turn to whatever stitching mode you want.

It requires a comprehensive stitching table and a case for very secure transport of the sewing machines. This brand is, therefore, worthy of buying and trying.

Brand NameBernette
Official Website
Customer Care Number T:+91 22 2674 9218
F:+91 22 2674 3426
Mob:+91 98 202 13400

Sewing is a great art, and with the help of good sewing machines with multiple features, you must master it. No doubt, whatever brands are proposed here are a class apart with fantastic features and they are all really easy to use as well. For beginners as well, most of the machines are fantastic.

As they have compact features and are skillfully made, the sewing machines of Usha and Brunette are highly recommended.

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