Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator in India With Free Buying Guide and Offers

Best Scientific Calculator – Scientific calculator: Which is the best of 2021? In the field of science, engineering, and mathematics, we now need to understand the value of the best scientific calculators in India.

Scientific calculators are widely used in both the educational and professional fields. Mathematical functions such as trigonometric, logarithmic, exponential, and other functions were not available on basic calculators.

If you are a student in need of a device to make complex calculations easier and faster, the best scientific calculators for engineering students, such as the Casio scientific calculator, are available.

A scientific calculator is a device that can directly solve problems in science, engineering, and mathematics, such as trigonometric, logarithmic, and exponential functions. It is also a must-have device for engineers, architects, designers, and high school and college students studying math, physics, chemistry, astronomy, and other science-related subjects.

Top 10 Best Scientific Calculator in India

In India, there are dozens of top scientific calculators with various models on the market. There are various types of scientific calculators, such as the best scientific calculators for engineering students, the best scientific calculators for chemistry, the best scientific calculators for high schools, and so on.

So, based on the positive feedback from customers, we have compiled a list of some of the best-selling items that you can get on Amazon for the best price:

Choosing the best scientific calculators in India is a difficult task due to the fact that all calculators are designed to perform different functions.

You should always choose a reliable and good calculator to ensure that you get accurate results. You can also purchase a top-of-the-line scientific calculator with graphing capabilities. Here is a list of some of India’s best calculators:

Casio FX-991ES Plus-2nd Edition -best scientific calculator for engineering students

Casio FX-991ES Plus-2nd Edition Scientific Calculator

In India, Casio is the most well-known brand for producing the best scientific calculators. It is a multinational consumer and commercial electronics manufacturer based in Japan. It manufactures a wide range of products, including calculators, cell phones, digital cameras, analogue and digital watches, and so on.

This is the best brand for engineering students looking for the best scientific calculators. It produces a variety of scientific calculators, including the best scientific calculators for high school students and top scientific calculators with graphing features.

FX-991 Es plus 2nd edition is perfect for Engineering, polytechnic and science students.

Scientific Calculator fx991es Plus Features

  • Manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
  • Basic Trigonometrical and Statistics Functions, as well as a slew of others
  • Keypad with colour coding for easy key identification It is simple and straightforward to use. Comes in a hard case with a new slide.
  • Non-programmable Scientific Calculator with 417 Functions, redesigned ES PLUS series calculators with easy-to-understand Natural Textbook Display
  • The Casio FX-991ESPLUS 1st edition has the same stylish design as the Casio FX-991ESPLUS 2nd edition, with a 10-digit mantissa and a 2-digit exponential display.
You Save : ₹ 65
Casio FX-991ES Plus-2nd Edition Scientific Calculator
  • Redesigned ES PLUS series calculators featuring easy-to-understand Natural Textbook Display, Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 417 Functions
  • Stylish design but same function as Casio FX-991ESPLUS 1st edition, 10-digit mantissa + 2-digit exponential display
  • Basic Trigonometrical & Statistics Functions, and many more functions
  • Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation, Simple and easy to use, Comes with new slide on hard case
  • 3-years warranty by manufacturer

Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

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Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 552 Functions with Menu Driven Interface
  • Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 552 Functions
  • 4-times better resolution than Casio 991ES Plus for easier viewing of long expressions
  • Natural Textbook Display- Input and display fractions, powers, logarithms, roots, and other mathematical formulas and symbol just as they appear in textbooks
  • Scientific Calculator with inbuilt QR Code function --Calculator can generate QR Code -- Useful from graphical visualization & accessing user manual using your smart phone
  • Faster than any previous Casio Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator
  • Up to Four Degree Simultaneous and Polynomial Solver, Numerical Integration, Differentiation, Statistics, Matrix, Vector Calculation
  • Attractive and elegant look with metallic keys, Colour coded keypad for easy key differentiation
  • Dual Powered - Solar & Battery Solar powered when light is sufficient, battery powered when light is insufficient.
  • Recommended for Engineering, Polytechnic and various others Under Graduate courses
  • 3 Years All India Manufacturer Warranty

Oreva Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

Texas is an American technology company that designs and manufactures Texas calculators, microcontrollers, and multi-core processors, among other products. It functions as a scientific calculator with standard functions such as financial calculations. It also produces top-of-the-line scientific calculators with graphing capabilities.

Standard calculator and worksheet modes are available on the BA II Plus. The standard mode allows you to perform basic math as well as operations involving the time value of money, such as mortgages or annuities with equal and evenly spaced payments. In standard mode, you can also perform trigonometric functions.

The BA II Plus has an easy-to-use keypad and can be used in both calculator and worksheet mode. You do not have to retype all of the bond maturity or cash flow analysis figures because the previous worksheet values are stored in memory.

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator is alphanumeric and has a sharp, easy-to-read 10-character display.

This brand should be purchased if you need to perform large business calculations. It is also one of the best scientific calculators for chemistry because of its design and features.

Texas BA II Calculator Features

  • Previous worksheets can be saved in the built-in memory.
  • Can perform advanced list-based statistics and cash-flow analysis.
  • Performs basic math as well as a variety of financial tasks.
  • To protect the screen, a slide-case is included.
  • Tables for amortization, bond, depreciation, and compound interest are included in the worksheet mode.

This calculator does everything you need – and more – with its quick response time, user-friendly interface, and built-in memory. The calculator includes a built-in memory for storing previous worksheets, as well as the ability to perform cash flow analysis and advanced list-based statistics.

Though mastering the collection of financial worksheets available on the Texas Instruments BA II Plus requires some effort, you will be glad you spent the time and money on this excellent financial calculator.

You Save : ₹ 597
Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator
  • Performs common math as well as various financial functions
  • Worksheet mode includes tables for amortization, bond, depreciation, and compound interest
  • Built-in memory for storage of previous worksheets
  • Can perform cash-flow analysis and advanced list-based statistics
  • Slide-case included to protect screen
  • English (Publication Language)
Best Scientific Calculator (1)
Best Scientific Calculator

Best scientific calculator buy for Engineering

Best scientific calculator buy for Students

Scientific Calculator Buying Guide

There are several factors to consider in order to purchase the ideal device and avoid choosing one too elaborate for your knowledge or one without enough functions to perform high-level calculations. Below, we will see together the main aspects to be evaluated in order not to make mistakes of this type.

Scientific Calculator Accessories

The majority of scientific calculators are sold without any accessories. As a result, the latter factor should be regarded as minor in comparison to the others. On the other hand, devices with associated accessories are available on the market, which can increase their utility.

We call attention to the fact that some models come with a comfortable rigid carrying case to protect them from being damaged in any way by a potential impact. A micro USB cable is another item that comes standard with a scientific calculator.

Obviously, this component is only included with appliances that can be recharged via USB port, which are typically of the medium-high range.

Scientific Calculator Archiving

This is a significant factor, especially for those who want to keep track of their scientific calculator’s operations and calculations. This feature is not available on all models on the market, but it is available on the majority of medium-high-end models.

Each device has a different storage capacity, but some can hold several gigabytes of data. To find the calculator that best suits your needs, think about whether you really need to store data and how much data you need to store.

To be clear, a student in a scientific high school will most likely be satisfied with a low- to medium-end product with limited memory, whereas a researcher in mathematics, physics, or finance may prefer a device with more advanced technology and thus a medium-high price range.

Scientific Calculator Brand

Scientific calculators are available from a variety of manufacturers on the market. The brand can certainly be a guarantee of quality, as it is with most electronic devices on the market. As a result, when you purchase a Casio, HP, or Texas calculator, you can rest assured that you will be getting a high-quality tool.

In general, we do not recommend purchasing a scientific calculator from an unknown company, even if it appears to have excellent technical features at a low price. In fact, it is very likely that it was put together with low-quality materials and components, and that it has some technical flaws as a result.

You should also think about how easy it is to contact the customer and technical support in the event of problems or malfunctions. Customers are usually well-served by well-known companies, but this is not always the case with lesser-known manufacturing firms.

Dimensions and Weight

Although size and weight may not appear to be important factors in selecting a scientific calculator that meets your needs, they can play a significant role in the moment of use. In fact, a large device will be difficult to handle and store, as well as uncomfortable to use while performing calculating exercises.

We have noticed that many of the products on the market today have the same dimensions. A scientific calculator has a width of 7.5 centimetres, a thickness of 1.5 centimetres, and a length of 15 centimetres. In terms of weight, we can estimate it to be around 100 grammes. Models that weigh more are uncommon.


To begin with, good screen quality makes use easier and more enjoyable. It may seem insignificant, but having a device that displays numbers clearly is critical for completing operations quickly and effectively.

Consider how difficult it can be to distinguish the numbers displayed on the display in a bright environment. We must add the fact that there are scientific calculators with screens of various sizes to this visual aspect.

In general, the screen size is proportional to the number of functions that the device can perform, because some calculations require more space or, in some cases, more lines.

In theory, common calculators, which perform only the most basic calculations, have a single-line display, whereas scientific calculators typically have a larger screen.

A two-line black and white LCD screen is usually found on a low-end model. Instead, a high-end product might have a coloured HD screen with real-time graphics.


One of the most important aspects to consider before purchasing a scientific calculator is the number and type of functions it has. It is easy to see why this factor is important: each student or researcher has different calculation requirements, necessitating the development of a model capable of performing operations of varying degrees of complexity.

A low-cost device may have 100-150 functions, a medium-cost device may have 150-500 functions, and a high-cost device may have over 500 functions.


When it comes to selecting a scientific calculator, the materials used in its build are extremely important. Plastic (appliance body), rubber (buttons), and liquid crystals make up the majority of the models (display).

The plastic must be of good quality in order for the product to last a long time and be impact resistant. The same is true for the keys, which are the parts that are most likely to wear out, so they must not be made of inferior materials.

Power Supply

Let us now turn our attention to the next factor to consider when selecting the best scientific calculator: the device’s power supply. This has no effect on the ability to carry out operations, but it does have a significant impact on practicality.

Scientific calculators are typically battery-operated, and the majority of them come with standard button batteries. This type allows for a long period of operation, particularly in models with a simple display.

Some models have both a battery and a solar power source. This feature allows you to choose whether to use the battery or rely on solar power to recharge. There are some particularly elaborate models among the high-end models that allow the calculator to be recharged using a USB cable. The cable, on the other hand, is not always provided.


The price is undoubtedly a factor to consider when trying to find the best scientific calculator for your needs. It is possible to select products from a specific price range based on personal requirements.

A high school student can probably get away with a model that has a few basic functions and is therefore inexpensive. A statistician will almost certainly require a high-performance calculator and will have to invest in one.

Our recommendation is to thoroughly assess your requirements in order to avoid purchasing a product that is either overly functional (and thus overly expensive) or incapable of performing complex operations (therefore excessively cheap).

Casio Scientific Calculator
Casio Scientific Calculator

Types Of Calculators



HANDHELD CALCULATORS are designed to solve basic calculations and maths such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and so on. It could have a single display, a dual-LED display, or a three-line display. These are commonly used by small business owners for small calculations, and they are also cost-effective.


ADVANCED SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS can perform basic arithmetic as well as other functions such as logs, powers, and trigonometric functions. These best scientific calculators for chemistry and high school students should be purchased by anyone who wants to perform advanced calculations. It is also one of the best scientific calculators for engineering students and those in the computer and logic fields.


GRAPHING SCIENTIFIC CALCULATORS have a number of useful features that make calculations simpler and faster. It has a two-line display, with the answer displayed on the extra line. This is the best scientific programmable calculator for programming, as well as the best scientific fraction calculator. These calculators have a number of useful features that make calculations simpler and faster. It has a two-line display, with the answer displayed on the extra line. This is the best scientific programmable calculator for programming, as well as the best scientific fraction calculator.


FINANCIAL CALCULATORS include standard scientific functions as well as some additional financial functions. You should buy this best scientific calculator for financial calculations if you need to quickly calculate large amounts of data, such as interest, amount, mortgage, payment, and so on.

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