Best Power bank : Which is the best of 2020?

Best Power bank – Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, especially when it comes to mobile telephony. Our phones work almost like personal computers. With them we can check the email or the latest news. We can listen to music, make calls and share our photos and videos on social networks.

Its most problematic aspect is the battery. Rare is the mobile that lasts a whole day without having to charge it. Sometimes even less. Thanks to power banks , or portable batteries, we can now recharge the phone anywhere. Here we put together a selection with the five best power banks of 2021 to guide you if you are thinking of buying one.

Top 10 Best Power bank in India

Best Power Bank In India
Best Power Bank In India

The most important

  • The first step before deciding which power bank to buy is to be clear about what you are going to use it for. There are very small models to carry in your pocket, practical for carrying a load or two. If you need to carry more loads, or you are thinking of taking it on an excursion, you will need a model with more capacity.
  • It is also important to know what devices you plan to connect to your power bank . In principle, any device that is charged using a USB cable should be compatible with a portable battery. We are talking about mobile phones, of course, but also about tablets , sports cameras or bluetooth speakers .
  • Knowing how many devices you need to connect at the same time will save you headaches. If you only need to connect one device at a time, it will be enough that it has a USB port. If you are looking to connect multiple devices simultaneously, you will need a port for each device. Make sure the connections are correct for your devices.
Best Power Bank For Laptop
Best Power Bank For Laptop

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The Best Power Bank in the market: Our Recommendations

When you need it the most, nothing can be more irritating than running out of battery power. It doesn’t matter if it’s a getaway from nature or a business trip. Portable batteries are a great choice to make sure you don’t miss the crucial call. We give you a list of the best power banks of 2021 below to assist you in your decision.

  • The best power bank according to its value for money
  • The lightest power bank
  • Best power bank in India
  • Best power bank for Mobile
  • The best budget external battery (Power Bank)
  • The power bank with the highest load capacity
  • The best power bank with solar panel

What exactly is an external battery or Power Bank?

An external battery is an electronic device which allows electronic devices to be recharged without having to be connected to an electric current. When you go on a vacation, it is the perfect accessory for a cell phone, laptop or tablet. They are light, portable devices that can be easily transported.

With it, in the middle of a job call, you no longer have to think about running out of the battery. Nor are you going to have to think about turning off the mobile only as you’re waiting for an important call. Or by sitting in the center of the game while you play your favorite video game.

How does a power bank work ?

The most literal translation of power bank would be power bank . However, it is more common for the term portable battery to be used to refer to it. Its operation is very simple. First of all, the power bank needs to be charged.

When our device, for example a mobile, shows low energy levels, it is time to use the power bank. Instead of plugging it directly into the power, we use the cable to connect it to our portable battery. In this way, the power bank begins to supply power to the device and it will begin to charge.

How many charges can be made with a Power Bank?

A serious mistake is often made when calculating the number of recharges that can be done with an external battery. Many people think that it can be obtained by dividing its capacity by that of the device to be charged. This results in them believing that they have been misled with the actual capacity of the battery.

Unfortunately, no energy transfer process is 100% efficient. In the specific case of external batteries, their current performance is estimated to be around 60% or 70%. Next, we offer you a formula that allows you to calculate how many recharges can be made with an external battery.

What care does a Power Bank require?

First of all, it is important to keep it away from high temperatures. Exposing it to very high temperatures can damage it irreversibly. Of course, as with most electronic equipment, you have to avoid getting it wet. If by accident it falls into the water, you should not use it again.

When you are charging a device with an external battery avoid putting one on top of the other. Doing so can increase the temperature of the two causing them to be damaged by overheating. Otherwise, it is advisable to use them with the appropriate chargers. Make sure they are compatible with your battery.

With what devices can a power bank be used ?

The most common use of a portable battery is usually with mobile phones. This is so because the mobile is a tool that practically everyone uses every day. Many people make intensive use of the phone and need to recharge it often. The problem arises when there is no plug nearby. The power bank is an ideal solution in these situations.

However, although this is the most widespread use, it is not the only one. The banks power can also be used with other devices that are loaded similarly to mobile. We speak, for example, of tablets , Kindle, cameras or GPS. Some models, like the Novoo, are even capable of charging laptops.

Many portable batteries have a clever design. Thanks to it, they detect the voltage of the connected device to charge it at the highest possible speed safely. They also usually include mechanisms to prevent overheating. It is important to consult the instructions to check the compatibility of our devices with the power bank.

What is the mAh of a power bank ?

The abbreviation mAh refers to milliamp hour. The ampere is a measure of intensity. The milliamp, therefore, is one thousandth of an ampere. Without going into too technical aspects, the mAh of a power bank indicates the amount of energy it can store. This is a really important aspect.

The higher this amount of stored energy, the more energy it will be able to supply later to connected devices. That is, more times you can charge your mobile phone without having to recharge the power bank . Keep in mind that the more devices you connect to the portable battery, the sooner it will discharge.

How is a power bank connected ?

The most common way to connect a device to your power bank is through a USB cable. Some models include this cable in the same package. If not, you shouldn’t worry. First of all, because the cable can be purchased separately at a very cheap price. Second, because you probably already have one.

The most common is that the cable you use to connect to the power adapter will do. You must bear in mind that not all mobiles and tablets have the same connections. You will need to use the correct cable for your mobile device. It should be noted that the more USB ports the portable battery has, the more devices can be charged at the same time.

How do I charge a power bank ?

In order for your power bank to function properly, it must have been previously charged. Remember that the power bank works like an external battery and, as such, it needs to be recharged frequently.

The most common is that the power bank is charged using a USB cable. You will need to plug the cable into the micro USB port on the battery. The other end of the cable must be connected to a socket through an adapter. For example, the same one you use to charge your mobile phone. There may be differences between models, so it is important to consult the instructions.

How does a solar power bank work ?

The difference between a traditional power bank and a solar power bank is that the latter incorporates a photovoltaic panel. It is what is commonly called a solar panel and it allows transforming light into electricity. In this way, when placing the power bank under the sun, it will automatically begin to recharge its battery.

This system is ideal for excursions into nature or camping, where access to plugs is limited. However, it is important to know that the charging time of the power bank using solar energy is very slow. On the other hand, most solar portable batteries also allow their charging by connecting them to the current.

What advantages and disadvantages does a solar power bank offer ?

In short, the solar power bank is a good option if you are going to be exposed to solar energy for a long time. For example, during a long walk or while camping, where you can leave it all day in the sun. Taking advantage of an unexpected access to a socket to recharge the power bank is an idea to take into account. Let’s look at a table of advantages of power bank and disadvantages:

Purchase criteria

There is a wide variety of power bank models on the market . Therefore, it is normal to feel a little lost when buying one. To help you make the best decision, we have prepared this section. In it you will find some of the factors to take into account to get the best power bank of 2019.

  • Size
  • Capacity (mAh)
  • Number of ports
  • Useful life
  • Type of user
  • External battery recharge time
  • Smart charging
  • Extra options


The size of the power bank that you decide to purchase should depend on the use that you are going to give it. If you are thinking of using it daily, you may need to be able to carry it with you always comfortably. A small portable battery would be ideal in this case. Of course, the number of charges they can provide is more limited.

If you are looking to carry out numerous charges, you will need a higher capacity power bank . This usually implies a somewhat larger size. However, there are portable batteries on the market that fit in your pocket and provide up to three charges. If you are looking for a higher number of charges, you probably have to bet on a bigger power bank

Capacity (mAh)

This factor is closely related to the previous one. The Novoo model we mentioned earlier, for example, has a higher capacity than the Poweradd portable model. However, it is not as simple as making an equivalence between size and capacity. There are similarly sized portable batteries with different capacities.

The important thing is to look at the manufacturer’s specifications, specifically in milliamp hours (mAh), which we talked about before. The higher that number, the greater the number of charges it can provide. That is, it will have a greater capacity. It is important to note that it depends on the device you are going to charge to calculate the number of charges.

Number of ports

The number of ports of the power bank that you choose is not a small matter. We refer to the number of connections it has and that will allow more than one device to be connected simultaneously. If you only need to connect one device at a time, it will be more than enough to have a USB port.

If you need to connect more than one device at the same time, you will need the power bank to have more ports. It is often necessary to charge the mobile and the tablet at the same time , for example. For this you will need a USB connection for each of these devices. There are even portable batteries that allow you to connect notebook computers via AC connections.

Useful life

The useful life of a power bank refers to the number of times that we can use it since we buy it. It is something that is also known as life cycles. Most often, a portable battery has between 500 and 1000 cycles. This is the number of times we can charge and use it before it stops working.

Of course, it is an estimated number and varies greatly depending on each model. It also depends on the use that we make of the power bank and on external factors such as temperature

Type of user

To get the best power bank in relation to quality / price, it is important to first ask yourself what use we are going to give it. We must know, first of all, how many devices we will need to charge at the same time. If we only want to charge our mobile, a portable battery with a single port will be enough.

If, on the contrary, we need to charge more devices at the same time, we will need more ports. We must also ask ourselves how we are going to transport it. Do you want to carry it in your pocket? In the briefcase? In a backpack? Depending on this, the size of your power bank may be one or the other. Finally, think about whether you need it for more sporadic uses or for day-to-day use.

Yes, I wantI must buy
A battery for daily use and that you can always carry with youA more compact and smaller power bank
Use it as a flashlightA power bank that includes this feature, usually through LED light
Being able to charge it with the energy of sunlightA solar power bank
A battery that allows me to charge the laptopA power bank with AC port

External battery recharge time

The recharging time basically depends on two factors: the capacity of the external battery (mAh) and the intensity of the input current (mA). We advise you to check what is the maximum input current (Input) that the battery can accept, since this is going to be a matter that limits the speed of recharging.

In general, these quantities should appear in the specifications of the external battery. They should be clearly indicated in the user manual.

Smart charging

The intelligent charging system allows the battery to identify the amperage of the device that has been connected and to optimize the charging process. Keep in mind that not all external batteries incorporate this system. In any case, more and more brands make models that include it.

Extra options

When buying an external battery you should also consider some extra options. It is interesting that it has more than one USB port. This will allow you to charge more than one device at the same time. Other extras to consider are the USB cables, instruction manual and protective cover.

In general, external battery manufacturers do not sell them with a charger. You can consider the fact that it is included as a plus point when deciding your purchase. The same could be said for products that offer extras like backpacks, instruction books, or USB cables.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to charge a mobile phone while camping without electricity?

    You Can use Solar Power Bank. Check this Link.


The mobile phone is an essential tool in our day to day. Often times, due to its intensive use, the battery does not last as long as we want. The power bank is presented as an ideal solution for these cases. It is also a very versatile instrument, since it allows charging a wide range of devices.

Before choosing your portable battery, you must decide in which field you are going to use it. There are different options depending on whether you want it, for example, as a work tool for daily use. If you prefer it for long trips, excursions or camping, you should opt for other models. In any case, a power bank is always a really practical accessory.

We hope these tips have helped you clear up your questions about portable batteries. If so, leave a comment or share this guide on your social media so no friend will run out of energy!

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