Top 10 Best Mini Projector in India With Buying Guide and Offers

Best Mini Projector – The best mini projectors can provide you with a sharp, clear image wherever you need it. Mini projectors are small and compact by definition. Projectors are especially useful since they can project a picture onto any surface and convert it into any size screen. They’re useful for both fun and business presentations. Projectors are frequently installed on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

If you need a “grab-and-go” projector for an unexpected movie night or a presentation in a room without a TV, this is the projector for you.In the following article you will see the best mini projectors on the market in quality-price terms. With them you will be able to watch movies, series, drawings, etc in any situation since being miniatures you can take them from one place to another.

You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs, both economic and non-economic.Projectors are an intelligent piece of technology. In many ways, projectors are the inverse of cameras, in that they spit light out of the lens rather than receiving it. Understanding and deciphering projector specifications can be a challenge. Unlike TVs and monitors, projectors are affected by factors such as ambient light and distance from the screen.

Best Mini Projector My Listing
Best Mini Projector My Listing
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List of 10 Best Mini Projector in India|mini projector price in india

#1.  Everycom X9 Home & Business Native LED Projector

Everycom X9 Home & Business Native LED Projectorg

Everycom is a business solutions firm that is continuously on the lookout for innovative technology that will help its customers. Everycom is a business that focuses on business innovation and the usage of cutting-edge technology. Customers may concentrate on improving their daily operations by using efficient and world-class equipment from them, such as projectors and other new goods.

Thanks to its highest resolution and contrast ratio, the Everycom Projector produces a great image for corporate presentations and home entertainment. This projector gives you more alternatives and convenience for home entertainment and presentations.

  • There are speakers built inside the device.
  • Through the HDMI connector on the projector, any setup box, including Tata Sky, may be connected to the projector.
  • 145W LED bulb with a life expectancy of roughly 50, 000 hours.
  • By inserting the Amazon Firestick into the HDMI connector and connecting your Fire stick to
  • Bluetooth speakers, you can connect Bluetooth speakers.
  • Daylight Performance is Excellent.
  • No WiFi Connectivity.
You Save : ₹ 3,049
Everycom X9 Home & Business Native 720p HD with 6000 Lumens LED Projector [2020 Upgrade]
  • ★ [REAL NATIVE 720P HD] With native resolution of 1280x720, 6000 Lumens and 5000:1 contrast ratio, Revolutionary brighter video projector meets all audio-visual satisfactions for office PowerPoint...
  • ★ [MEGA Projection Screen & keystone correction] This Projector provides a screen size 45" to 200" with a distance of 1.6m to 7.1m, You can enjoy an excellent visual experience and our projector has...
  • ★ [WIDE COMPATIBILITY PROJECTOR] Our Projector can satisfy your daily vision, the idea for small meetings, training, class, bar, or to imitate home theatre, party, wedding. The projector includes 2...
  • ★ [DUAL SPEAKERS WITH STEREO SOUND] Equipped with advanced built-in Dual Stereo Speakers, Everycom X9 Projector provides superior sounds. It has an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, as...

#2. ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector

ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable Projector

Innovation and transcendence define value in the digital era. ViewSonic enables consumers to realise this value and see the difference by designing breakthrough technologies. Customers all across the world associate ViewSonic with the traits that best distinguish them: exceptional quality, stunning, vibrant colours, and welcome warmth and friendliness.

Because of its small size and low weight, this portable projector is easy to pack and carry in your bag, back pocket, or palm of your hand. You may enjoy multimedia entertainment wherever you go. This projector has HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to rapidly connect and play videos from computers, tablets, mobile phones, media players and dongles, and other devices.

  • JBL Speaker and HDMI cable are included.
  • With a built-in battery and the ability to connect to a power bank.
  • You may alter the colour of the projector to match your style or mood with the supplied swappable projector panels. Gray, yellow, or teal are all options.
  • Pocket-friendly design.
  • Not compatible with Apple devices.
  • Doesn’t have 3.5mm auxiliary output for sound or Bluetooth to connect external audio.
  • Doesn’t work well in daylight.
You Save : ₹ 18,510
ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable Projector | JBL Speaker | HDMI | Auto Keystone |Built-in Battery |100" Projection Image
  • POCKET-SIZED DESIGN: Measuring only 4x4 inches, this LED projector with WVGA (854x480p) resolution and 1080p support delivers convenient entertainment in nearly any location
  • SMART STAND: Enables easy placement in a variety of positions and angles. The smart stand also doubles as a lens cover
  • PREMIUM AUDIO: An integrated JBL speaker delivers big sound in a small package perfect for music and movies at home, or on the go
  • PLUG & PLAY USB: Simple playback of photos, movies, presentations, and other multimedia without having to connect to a PC
  • BUILT-IN BATTERY: Provides 2.5 hours of power, while power bank compatibility offers extended battery life wherever you go

#3. WZATCO M6 HD 720P Cinema Portable LED Projector

WZATCO M6 HD 720P Cinema Portable LED Projector

PWZATCO is a company that specialises in the research and development of Smart LED projectors and laser TVs, as well as their production. It was established in 2017. They have a user base of over a million people and have released over 30 best-selling projectors. They provide nationwide support to give you complete peace of mind and worry-free pick-up and drop-off.

The WZATCO M6 portable projector is equipped with the most up-to-date LCD brightness LED bulb, resulting in a bright, clear image on the screen. It’s a nice way to start the day by getting up and watching cartoons with the kids. Make dazzling presentations while working from home in the morning, and master Grandma’s favourite recipe in the afternoon. Enjoy a fun-for-the-whole-family evening of entertainment. M6 is a dependable companion in any situation.

You can have your own private theatre with amazing sound and a stunning Big Screen, as well as the convenience of being able to take it with you wherever you go, with the WZATCO M6.

  • Connect to your phone wirelessly and use as a Bluetooth speaker.
  • Advanced Brightening Technology with LCD brightness and LED lamp for clear, vibrant colour display.
  • For crystal clear photos, use a 15° KEYSTONE CORRECTION.
  • HDMI connections, USB ports, and a 3.5mm port are included for connecting to devices such as the TV Box, Amazon Fire Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, laptop, tablet, external speakers, Xbox, DVD player, USB stick, and media players.
  • No wireless support.
You Save : ₹ 4,410
WZATCO M6 HD 720P (1080P Support) | 3300 lumens 390 ANSI Cinema Portable LED Projector Bluetooth 5.0 HDMI USB Compatible with TV Stick (M6 White)
  • ✔️M6 Anywhere - Entertainment wherever you go: With the WZATCO M6, you can enjoy your own private cinema with great sound and an amazing 60'' – 120+'' Big Screen. The mini projector is 8" x 5" x...
  • ✔️Unrivaled Image Quality: Equipped with NATIVE 720P Resolution and features latest 3300 Lux LED light source, M6 delivers a 1080P Full HD clear, dynamic and color vibrant image quality. M6...
  • ✔️Delight your ears: Enjoy the “me time” with your favorite music. Press the Bluetooth button on the remote, the M6 will become a high quality sound bar. The built-in 30mm dual customized...
  • ✔️ Redefine Private Cinema: M6 enables excellent playback of films, videos, games, photos TV programs and USB sticks and can be set up at your will. This 2020 portable projector with high...
  • ✔️Ultra long lifespan: The M6 utilizes a highly efficient LED light source, allowing its projections to stay perfectly crisp, clear and bright for its entire LED lifespan of 20,000 hours. You...

#4. BORSSO Moon 7.2 Smart Android Mini Projector

BORSSO Moon 7.2 Smart Android Mini Projector

Borsso is a well-known manufacturer of DLP projectors for business, education, home theatre, and leisure. They have projectors for K-12 and higher education classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums, ranging from pocket LEDs to high-brightness projectors. They sell some of the most well-known home theatre and entertainment projectors available.

With this projector, you may have a theater-like experience at home. You’re ready to go after you connect it to your Fire TV and Alexa.

  • LED Projector for Android.
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi.
  • Zoom in with an electric motor.
  • Use at home, in the office, or in the classroom.
  • No Cons so far
You Save : ₹ 16,600
BORSSO® Moon 7.2 Smart Android 8.0 HD 720p (1080p Support) | 3500Lm | 210 Inch Large Display LED Projector | WiFi | Bluetooth | 4D Keystone | (Silver) 2021 Upgraded
  • Smart Features : Android 8.0 / Quad Core / 1 GB / 8GB Rom / Wifi / BT 4.0 / Wireless Screen Mirroring from Android & iOS devices,
  • Important Features : 4D Digital Keystone ( 40 degree ): Place the projector at any convenient corner of your Room & still have the perfect rectangular image. Digital Zoom : With a click of a remote ,...
  • Lumens: 3500 Lumen | LED- Life Long Lamp + 30000 Hours Life | 5000 : 1 High Contrast Ratio + 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Display : LED, HD Ready (1080p) | (1280 x 720) Native Resolution | 5000 : 1 High Contrast Ratio | 4.57 m (180 inch) Large Screen Display

#5. XElectron C9 HD | LED Projector | Mini Projector

XElectron C9 HD

Xelectron Technologies Pvt Ltd’s trademark “XElectron” is protected by the Indian government’s Office of Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks. This Indian company has a ten-year track record of creating one-of-a-kind items.

The XElectron C9 portable projector’s 3800 brightness LED light is remarkable. This ensures that the image on the screen is presented clearly and in vibrant colours. It can also be used in the office for presentations, delivering a higher-quality display.

  • Advanced Brightening Technology (ABT) is a type of brightening technology that
  • A multimedia projector is a device that displays images on a screen.
  • Featuring multiple digital connection choices (Wifi/2xHDMI/VGA/AV/2xUSB/VGA/AV/2xUSB/VGA/AV/2xUSB/VGA/AV/2xUSB/VGA/
  • Mounting options include ceiling and tripod.
  • Low-noise and long-lasting lamp.
  • Picture quality reduces after 3800 lumens.
You Save : ₹ 4,009
XElectron C9 Full HD 720p (1080p Support) | 3800 Lumen (380 ANSI) with 180 inch Display LED Projector | AV, HDMI, USB, VGA, Audio Out Connectivity
  • Technology: XElectron C9 Native 1280x720 Pixel (1080P Support) projector is equipped with 3800 lumen LED to project clearly with strong, vibrant colors. It can be used for home and office. Brightest...
  • Connectivity: C9 is equipped with multiple port options (2xHDMI/VGA/AV/2xUSB). An amazing home theatre experience as large as 180 inches with Inbuilt speakers.
  • Lamp life: Our improved technology extends the life of LED lamp to a maximum of 60000 hours.This projector comes with a reduced-noise fan which can lower the noise by half.
  • Mount: C9 projector supports ceiling, wall and tripod mounting. There are 2 holes on the bottom of the projector to mount it.
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty | 10 Years of Excellence | Dedicated customer care of XElectron for technical and warranty issues.

#6. Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector|mini projector

Boss S12 Full HD Home Theatre Projector

Boss projector is a well-known brand of multi-media projectors and projection screens based in Delhi. Bossprojector is a capable, dependable, and trustworthy company that specialises in projectors and projector screens of the highest quality. DLP, 3LCD, and LCD projectors, as well as front and rear projection screens and AV accessories, are all available from Boss projector.

Turn your living room/office into a movie theatre or a presenting venue with this Indian-designed BOSS S12 Semi Android HD LED Projector with 3000 lumens installed. This is a brand new Full HD projector that has only recently been released. This projector is suitable for a variety of applications, including workplace presentations, home theatre, video games, and indoor cinema. Large projection sizes up to 150 inches allow you to relax your eyes from the TV, smartphone, or computer while watching HD movies on a big screen. This effectively protects your eyes while providing you with the best possible viewing experience.

  • 260 CMM of airflow
  • Looks elegant
  • Price is higher.
You Save : ₹ 35,850
BOSS S12 Full HD 3000 Lumens 1920 x 1080 150 inches Display Portable Home Theatre Projector with HDMI/AV/VGA/USB/TV Input (White)
  • Better : 1920X1080 Full HD Resolution | Brighter : 3000 Lumens | Bigger : 150" Wide Screen;Multimedia Connectivity : Set Top Box Connectivity | Amazon Fire TV Stick Compatible | 2 HDMI / USB / VGA /...

#7. EGate i9 Pro LED Projector

EGate i9 Pro LED Projector

Since 2011, Egate has been one of the first companies to deliver digital LED projectors to the Indian market. Egate created a new paradigm in cost-effective home entertainment, with equipment that recreated an outstanding theatre experience in everything from apartments to bungalows, as well as augmenting current business and education spaces. We appreciate your efforts in making Egate the best Indian brand and the leader in the industry.

The i9, the most trusted brand and model, enters the CLASSIC era with the same rugged and Indianized look as before, but with HD 720 native quality, increased brightness, and a larger 120′′ screen. Designed for movie fans who demand faultless motion picture reproduction while keeping a careful balance of quality and price.

The i9 series is developed for Home Cinemas in private rooms or in regulated lighting situations to give accurate pictures and consistent colour performance as intended for you, the true movie reviewer.

  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Compact and light-weighted
  • Digital zoom
  • It is lack of contrast and brightness.
You Save : ₹ 4,000
EGate i9 Pro 1080p HD 720p native 2400 Lumens 210 ANSI Portable Projector, 120" max Screen (3.04 m) 1280 x 720 | VGA, AV, HDMI, USB, SD (2 Year Warranty)|(EGi9) (Black)
  • 1+1=2 Year warranty. send purchase details with serial number to get 1 year extended warranty card.
  • Display :1080p Full HD Support ,1280 x 720 Native Resolution , 1000 : 1 High Contrast Ratio , 3.04 m (120 inch) Large Screen Display.
  • Lumens: 2400 Lumen , 210 ANSI Lumen , LED- Life Long Lamp + 30000 Hours Life ,16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Connectivity : HDMI , 2 X USB , VGA , AV , SD Card Slot , Audio Out
  • Sound : In-Built Speakers
  • Important Features : Connect - TV (Set Top Box), Fire TV Stick, PC/ Laptop, DVD, Play Station etc.
  • Digital Zoom with X & Y Axis Control
  • 360° Support : Indian Brand | Pan India Service Support | Please call at our Toll Free number for any support and service queries
  • Warranty Information : 1 year Manufacturer warranty from date of purchase.

#8. Visitek V6 Miracast Large Display LED Projector

Visitek V6 Miracast Large Display LED Projector

The torch bearers’ vision has altered the world; from politics to technology, the torch bearers all share one goal: to uplift mankind and improve people’s lives via positive transformation. While this was true both then and now, the technological paradigm shift is unquestionably the most significant contributor to this noble cause today. Visitek has been driven by a global mission to improve people’s lives by introducing the most cutting-edge technologies and bridging the technological barrier since its inception.

  • Mirroring many screens wirelessly.
  • Screening of a large scale.
  • 2 x HDMI | USB | VGA | AV | SD Card Slot | Audio Out Miracast & Streaming from mobile devices such as Android / iOS 2 x HDMI | USB | VGA | AV | SD Card Slot | Audio Out
  • >45,000 hours of lamp life
  • WiFi is solely available for casting purposes.
  • There was no x-axis or y-axis adjustment to reduce the projected image on the screen to the length and height we wanted.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is poor.
You Save : ₹ 6,010
Visitek V6 Miracast HD 720p (1080p Support) | 3300L (390 ANSI) with 210 " (5.3m) Large Display LED Projector | AV, VGA, 2XHDMI, USB, mSD, Audio Out, WiFi for Casting only | ( V45V62 ) ( Black )
  • Display : 1080 Full HD support & 720p native with 210" & 3300 Lumens large display with high contrast of 2000:1
  • Special Feature : Wireless Mirroring | Miracast & Streaming from mobile devices like Android / iOS
  • Connectivity : 2 x HDMI | USB | VGA | AV | SD Card Slot | Audio Out
  • Brand : Global is now Local , Visitek now available in India with India Service Center
  • Warranty Information : 1 Year Global Warranty with Nationwide Support | Contact : 96149 20000

#9. M D T5 Portable Household LCD Projector

M D T5 Portable Household LCD Projector

INDIA’S PLAY is a well-known company that offers a wide range of products. Product development’s major purpose is to satisfy customers and make people’s lives easier and happier. Multiple connections and USB ports on PLAY projectors allow you to connect a range of electrical devices, such a set-top box, DVD, Blue-ray player, game console, phone, and more. You can also keep your favourite content on a pen drive or hard drive, eliminating the need for a media player or PC. PLAY USB is compatible with almost all media types.

Because of LED lamp technology, play projectors utilise less energy than traditional light sources. The light may survive more than 15 years if used for a few hours per day, with a lifetime of more than 20000-50000 hours. You may also turn off the projector and pack it away without waiting for the light to cool down because LEDs do not get hot. Aside from that, the Play brand provides a one-year warranty and great customer service.

  • Compatible with a lot of laptops and media players, this is the ideal gift for any family member.
  • Built-in colour improves the new chip’s picture quality and image detailing.
  • The colour brightness of this projector is more accurate than that of other projectors.
  • For longer periods of usage, the machine has a good heat dissipation facility.
  • The product has received a few unfavourable reviews.
  • M D T5 Portable High Definition 1080P Projector 1920 * 1080 Resolution Household LCD Projector
    • 📝[With this portable home theater projector, you can enjoy movies, sports, videos, pictures and more, like if you were watching a 120 inches dynamic images.
    • 📝[Images keystone correction function, easy to alignment images.
    • 📝[Multiple functional interfaces: H D-MI/USB1/USB2/AV/VGA/AUDIO OUT.
    • 📝[Simple UI operation interface, clean style, with more intuitive feelings.
    • 📝[High definition resolution, provides you high fidelity crystal clear image quality.

    #10. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Pico Projector

    Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Pico Projector

    Kodak is a huge multinational technology company that specialises in print, as well as new materials and chemicals. They primarily provide industry-leading hardware, software, consumables, and services to customers in commercial print, packaging, publishing, manufacturing, and entertainment. Because of its wide range of high-quality goods, excellent service, and world-class R&D, Kodak is an excellent investment for clients looking to boost their profitability and usability.

    Create cinematic magic with the perfect multimedia companion! You can enjoy amazing HD video and imagery in the palm of your hand with the KODAK Small DLP Pocket Projector. This little movie player uses cutting-edge advances in tiny digital design to deliver high-quality imaging in a completely portable package.

    • Fits in the palm of your hand and has a compact digital design
    • Connects to PC, Mac, iOS IPhone & Android smartphones, cable box, gaming console or HDMI video player
    • Projector includes a 3.5mm input and integrated HDMI, USB and MicroSD hookups
    • Comes with a booming 1 W speaker and dazzling 16.7 million color display
    • Can be a travel companion
    • Because the device lacks WiFi connectivity, it can only be used through cables or HD wires.
    You Save : ₹ 24,718
    KODAK Luma 150 Pocket Projector - Portable Movie Projector w/Built-in Speaker for Home & Office Produces Images Up to 150 inches for Anywhere Entertainment | HDMI, USB, MicroSD, Airplay & Miracast...
    • THE ULTIMATE MULTIMEDIA COMPANION | Tiny Projector Makes a Wonderful Gift Idea for Home, Office or Business | Beyond Entertainment, Use it to Enlarge Images for Staff Meetings, Instructional Seminars,...
    • FROM SMARTPHONE TO THE BIG SCREEN | Pocket Projector Produces Bright, Vivid Video & Imaging Up to 150” for Amazing Home Entertainment; Watch Movies, View Pictures or Give Presentations Anywhere a...
    • MULTIPLE METHODS FOR VIEWING | Versatile Device Comes w/ HDMI & Micro USB Cables for Hookup to Camera, Storage Drive, PC, Laptop & Other Compatible Devices | Go Wireless w/ Mobile-to-Projector...
    • STUNNING 16: 9 PROJECTION | Device Boasts 60 Ansi lumen brightness LED Lamp, 854 x 480 Resolution, Supports 4K Resolution & 1000: 1 Contrast Ratio for Crystal Clear Widescreen Imaging; Watch HD Video,...
    • DESIGNED FOR EASY PORTABILITY | Includes Built-In Speaker & Sleek Illuminated Onboard Controls So You Can Watch & Listen On Demand| Powers Via Rechargeable Battery Up to 2.5 Hrs.

    Buying the best mini projector on the market is worth a lot. You will be able to enjoy as never before a quality and a spectacular image size that if you had to buy a television or Smart TV you would have to pay thousands of euros. That’s why we show you the best one for us. Enjoy it.

    The most recommended mini projectors

    Many people ask us what mini projector do you recommend? and we always tell you to go for the best. But not everyone wants to make that outlay, so we have devised the following list of the most recommended mini projectors for all types of pockets.

    5 Best mini projector for iphone

    Mini Projector Buying Guide – Factors That You Need To Consider While Buying A Small Projector

    There are a number of factors that make one mini projector better than another. Choosing these factors well will allow you to buy a suitable mini projector for you. If you don’t know them, you might end up buying the first one you see and you probably won’t like it. For this reason we have compiled the factors to take into account so that the values ​​carefully before buying a mini projector.

    • Image resolution and quality : As time goes by the resolutions increase and the image quality is much better. However, there are 3 to consider, which have a quite acceptable price. These are:
      • HD resolution.
        • The “simplest” and cheapest resolution. In this class the image can have small pixels and the difference, in price with the FULL HD, is not so much. That is why we recommend you buy FULL HD or HD Ready as the lowest level.
      • Full HD resolution
      • 4K HD resolution 
        • In the absence of the long-awaited 8K, this is the best option you can buy. This means that you are going to spend a little money but that you will compensate by seeing a spectacular projected image.
        • After choosing this parameter you should pay attention to the brightness since this factor will depend on whether we can watch movies or play in conditions where there is a lot of light in the room, living room, etc. Brightness is measured in lumens and to get an acceptable brightness you should choose to be at least 1000 lumens.
    • Devices that you can connect (connectivity) :
      • Checking the connectivity that each of the mini projectors has must be another factor that you have to pay close attention to. This parameter will depend on whether you can connect consoles, mobiles, computers, laptop, etc.
      • In this sense, you will not find much problems since most have HDMI, USB, Micro SD, VGA, Wifi, Bluetooth connectors, etc. Just keep in mind what devices you are going to connect to the projector and make sure it has the right connector.
    • Size :
      • In Spain and in the rest of the world it is increasingly common to use mobile phones with a data connection that we can transform into small Wi-Fi networks. This possibility will allow you to opt for small portable mini projectors to take you on a trip to hotels, motels, rural houses, etc. and use them with the data connection to watch series, movies, etc.

    FAQ’s about mini projectors

    1. Where Can You Buy The Mini Projectors ?

    Answer:- Our pick for buying a mini projector is Amazon. Why ?  Well, apart from the fact that we have a greater number to choose from, thanks to the fact that more and more stores are added to this platform, it is basically due to their policy, which, if we are not satisfied with the product purchased, in most times, they return money without problems.
    In addition, you should know that there is a greater variety of very disparate mini projectors. This guarantees that we can choose from a multitude of devices that are not available elsewhere.

    2. Why do display screen size and throw distance matter? Or: what is the throw ratio ?

    Answer:- The “throw ratio” is an extremely significant criterion for projectors. The throw ratio specifies the maximum image size that may be projected from a given distance. It also informs us of the projector’s distance from the display screen (throw distance) and the size of the display.

    3. What resolution do I need ?

    Answer:- The majority of modern projectors have at least XGA (1024 x 768) resolution, and a 4:3 ratio format has long been the standard for giving PowerPoint presentations. Occasionally, pocket projectors have strange, low native resolutions. Widescreen formats starting at WXGA (1280 x 800) and 720p are gradually replacing the legacy 4:3 specifications as a result of high-definition video. We don’t advocate going much lower than XGA, though. Pixilation within the photos may be visible at SVGA or lower resolutions.

    4. Are projector’s built-in speakers sufficient ?

    Answer:- Projectors, like TVs, aren’t designed to provide great sound; they’re usually limited to one-watt or three-watt speakers, which in most cases isn’t enough. It is normally recommended that you purchase a separate sound system, preferably one that is portable. If you want the convenience of an all-in-one solution, look for a projector with at least a ten-watt built-in speaker.

    5. Are mini projectors worth it ?

    Answer:- Yes, they’re fantastic because of their small size and ease of usage. However, you should expect to pay around Rs 20000 for a nice mini projector that truly produces a good image. This takes us full round to the portability of small projectors.

    6. Do mini projectors play Netflix ?

    Answer:- Netflix can be simply viewed on a projector. Netflix will be embedded into some smart projectors. To stream Netflix, most projectors will require a second media device such as a Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, or similar device to be connected to the projector.

    7. Can a projector replace a TV ?

    Answer:- If you don’t watch daytime programming like morning shows or soap operas and instead prefer to watch streaming videos and movies, the projector can serve as your television in the most cost-effective manner. Just remember to get some blackout curtains to block off the light.

    8. How long does a projector last ?

    Answer:- Average Lifespan
    Most projector bulbs have a life of roughly 2,000 hours, according to Projector Central, an online trade publication for projection equipment. The lamp in Epson’s PowerLite projector is said to last 5,000 hours, and Delta makes an LED-based projector with a life expectancy of 20,000 hours.

    9. Which is better LED or laser projector ? 

    Answer:- Laser projectors are often brighter than their LED equivalents… Projection bulbs are less expensive but less energy efficient. When it comes to lighting lifespan, LEDs last on average 10,000 hours longer than lasers, which have a 30,000-hour lifespan. 1

    10. Should I buy DLP or LCD projector ?

    Answer:- DLP projectors produce sharp, high-quality projections with the option of 3D functionality. DLP projectors have more mirrors and hence more pixels, allowing you to display higher-definition images and videos. LCD projectors are less expensive than other types of projectors.

    The Best Quality-price Mini Projector

    No, we are not digressing, what we mean is that you can choose to buy the classic “hulk” or opt for mini portable projectors that can even fit in your pocket to take it wherever you want and use it. In this sense, you just have to look at the specifications and check its size.

    1. Jimwey Mini Projector

    MYLISTING.IN Jimwey Mini Projector

    You can experience the thrill of an outdoor adventure in the dark with the portable movie projector. It can also be installed in a room so that the family can watch movies together.
    Bring you the thrills and chills of a cinematic experience. Jimwey projectors can control the entire scenario both indoors and outdoors.
    The projection size is 32 to 120 inches and the projection distance is 1 to 5 metres. It can be used for a variety of projection needs.
    With a bulb life of 45000 hours, you may watch two movies a day (approximately 4 hours) and have it with you for more than 30 years;

    Package Dimensions29.5 x 19.8 x 14.3 cm;
    Hardware InterfaceVGA, USB, HDMI
    ResolutionFull HD 1080p
    Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
    Connector TypeUSB, HDMI
    Form FactorPortable, Desktop
    Item Weight1 kg 520 g
    You Save : ₹ 2,200
    Jimwey Mini Projector, 1080P HD Supported 3000 Lux Portable Video Projector, Compatible with TV Stick, HDMI, USB , AV, DVD, for Multimedia Home Theater (3000 lux)
    • 【1080P High Definition Performance】 Mini projector supports 1080p ultra clear format. It can play ultra-clear movies smoothly. The projection distance is 1 to 5 meters and the projection size is...
    • 【Wide Compatibility】 Since the projector for home has HDMI/USB/TF/AV/VGA interfaces. It can be perfectly compatible with computer, game host, TV or DVD player (Note: Not support connecting...
    • 【Stunning Immersive Experience】 With built-in dual high-fidelity speaker, the portable perfect has great performance even in outdoor. The trapezoidal correction of positive and negative 15 degrees...
    • 【Strong Stability】 ① The lamp life of projector is up to 45000 hours which means it can be used for 30 years (4 hours a day); ② The advanced design of ventilator with cooling fan can...
    • 【Cool Gift】 The compact and practical mini projector is absolutely your first choice for gifts. The projector is equipped with remote control, which can be easily controlled within 5 meters. It is...

    2. EG Miracast 6X LED Projector Full HD 1080p Supported

    EG Miracast 6X LED Projector Full HD 1080p Supported

    It is considered a sacrilege to watch good movies on a small screen. They are meant to be watched and experienced at the maximum quality. EG Miracast 6X gives you that quality from the comfort of your home. This projector creates a beautiful 180-inch cinemascope theater with a native resolution of 720p and goes up to 1080p. The engine uses a 4-inch 720p LCD combined with 44 white LEDs to enhance the image quality with its 36 million color support.

    Package Dimensions‎30.4 x 22.6 x 12.8 cm;
    Hardware Interface‎VGA, USB, HDMI
    ResolutionFull HD 1080p
    Display TechnologyLED
    Display TypeLCD
    Resolution1080p Full HD.
    Connector TypeVGA, USB, HDMI.
    Form FactorPortable.
    Item Weight1.89 Kilograms.
    You Save : ₹ 3,109
    BIG VUE Mini Projector | 2100 Lumens Brightness Projector for Home Entertainment Supports 1080P (800 x 480 P) 150" Display | Compatible with TV Stick | PS4 | HDMI | TF | AV | USB (White)
    • HIGH COLOR REPRODUCTION - Bright 2100 lumens, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 70% brighter than other projectors. This mini projector adopts the latest 4.0 LCD display technology with advanced LED light...
    • EXCELLENT MOVIE EXPERIANCE - Support 1080P Full HD with 800*480P native resolution. Max 180 inches display size with an aspect ratio of 16:9/4:3. The projection distance between 5-8 ft is recommended....
    • DUAL SPEAKERS - Equipped with advanced built-in dual speakers system which offers excellent loud sound quality without connecting external speaker.
    • MULTIPLE INPUTS - BIGVUE LD210 projector is easy to operate with HDMI, VGA, USB, Micro SD, RCA AV interfaces. Support a wide connection with common devices such as PC, Laptop, game console, and...

    3. SEC YG-300 Mini Portable LED Projector

    MYLISTING.IN SEC YG-300 Mini Portable LED Projector

    PORTABLE DESIGN: Sleek stylish design, small and compact, mini size and only 10oz. Enjoy movie or football match after family dinner or BBQ Party at home or courtyard. Support 5V/2A portable power bank supply input( Not included).

    PRETTY APPEARANCE: Uses LED light source, only 10-24W but up to 30000 hours lifespan, energy saving and environmental protection, no harm to eyesight. It is a good assistant for children Cartoon Watching and also an attractive children toys
    MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE: Built-in speaker, AV/USB/SD/HDMI ports. You can connect with U-Disk /Hard Drive, Mac, PC, Laptop, DVD or cable box. USB port is only for U-Disk and hard drive, not for Phone. For smartphone, you need a HDMI adapter (Not included)

    Product Dimensions12.6 x 8.6 x 4.8 cm; 290 Grams
    Hardware InterfaceUSB, HDMI
    ResolutionFull HD 1080p
    Number Of Items1
    Display TechnologyLCD
    Display TypeLCD
    Image Brightness1080 p lm
    Aspect Ratio16:9, 4:3
    Screen Resolution320 x 240
    Connector TypeUSB
    Form FactorPortable
    Mounting TypeTable Mount
    Item Weight290 g
    You Save : ₹ 2,401
    SEC YG-300 Mini Portable (600 Lumens Video 1080P)High Resolution LED Projector
    • PORTABLE DESIGN: Sleek stylish design, small and compact, mini size and only 10oz. Enjoy movie or football match after family dinner or BBQ Party at home or courtyard. Support 5V/2A portable power...
    • PRETTY APPEARANCE: Uses LED light source, only 10-24W but up to 30000 hours lifespan, energy saving and environmental protection, no harm to eyesight. It is a good assistant for children Cartoon...
    • MULTIMEDIA INTERFACE: Built-in speaker, AV/USB/SD/HDMI ports. You can connect with U-Disk /Hard Drive, Mac, PC, Laptop, DVD or cable box. USB port is only for U-Disk and hard drive, not for Phone. For...
    • CLEAR IMAGE: Projector is 1280 x 800 resolution and 320 x 240p native resolution (support 1080P), can provide clear image in dark environment. Best image size 50 inches from 2 meter distance which can...
    • WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1x Projector; 1x Power Plug; 1x Remote; 1x AV Cable; 1x User Manual. Notice: SEC YG300 is Not recommended for Classroom or business presentation, needed use in dark environment.

    4. VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector

    MYLISTING.IN VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector

    The VANKYO L3W is a wireless screen mirroring device that connects to your iOS or Android device with ease. Simply connect it to your WiFi network or connect it directly to your phone.

    USB Adapter The projector’s wireless screen mirroring for devices gives you a wire-free mirroring experience and a flexible way to enjoy with your family. When mirroring, there is also an easy connection without the use of an extra cable. You won’t need any additional adapters for your phone mirroring Projection because there are many places that offer a true free mirroring experience.

    Electronic Keystone VANKYO L3W has a front focus that allows for quick image adjustment. The projection is controlled by a 15° electronic keystone.The VANKYO Leisure 3W PRO projector is a small and portable projector with built-in stereo speakers for a great movie and music experience. With the screen mirroring feature, it can wirelessly broadcast high-quality video from a smartphone or tablet.

    By using wire-free or wired connections, VANKYO Leisure 3W makes it easier to mirror your screen. It enables you to simply connect to your iOS or Android devices via a Wi-Fi network.This little video projector can display 1080p video and has a screen size of 37″ to 200″ with a projection distance of 3.2ft to 21ft. It provides a vivid movie experience both indoors and out. TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, laptop, Xbox, TF card, iOS, and Android devices are all compatible with Leisure 3W. It can be used to play games, watch movies, watch TV shows, or share images.

    Package Dimensions31.2 x 20.8 x 10.6 cm; 1.61 Kilograms
    Hardware InterfaceUSB
    ResolutionFull HD 1080p
    Screen Resolution1920 x 1080
    Noise Level40 dB
    Batteries RequiredNo
    Connector TypeWi-Fi, USB, HDMI
    Form FactorPortable
    Item Weight1 kg 610 g
    You Save : ₹ 7,010
    VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector with Synchronize Smartphone Screen, Portable WiFi Projector Supports 1080P for iOS/Android Devices, Compatible with TV Stick, PS4, HDMI for Home & Outdoor
    • 【ADVANCED WIRELESS MINI PROJECTOR】 VANKYO Wireless Video Projectors brings accessibility, affordability and wireless freedom to you. With especially portable designed for home entertainment, the...
    • 【STUNNING ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE】 Incredible 1080p supported VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector is ideal for your home theater and outdoor activities. With Optimum projection screen from 33” to...
    • 【COMPACT MULTIPLE CONNECTIVITY】 For a portable projector as VANKYO Leisure 3W, it is compatible with TV Stick, Chromecast, PC, laptop, Xbox, TF card, IOS or Android devices, etc. The enhanced...
    • 【LOWER NOISE & COOLING SYSTEM】 Equipped With a breakthrough fan noise suppression system as well as an innovative cooling system with heat dispersion, VANKYO Ultra-quiet Video Projector provides...
    • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: VANKYO provides customers with a one-year and professional customer service and technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

    5. V.T.I. Mini Portable Projector

    MYLISTING.IN - V.T.I. Mini Portable Projector

    With Jimwey Portable Projector, you may explore the world of large-screen home entertainment. You get a brighter and improved image quality thanks to the newest 4.0 LCD projection technology and a sophisticated LED light source. It has a native resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and can support full HD 1080p video. It boasts built-in dual speakers that provide spectacular stereo sound and powerful bass without the trouble of connecting to an external speaker and can display high-quality images up to 120 inches.

    Package Dimensions17 x 16 x 9.5 cm; 700 Grams
    Hardware InterfaceUSB, HDMI
    ResolutionFull HD 1080p
    Number Of Items1
    Display TechnologyLCD
    Display TypeLCD
    Screen Resolution320 x 240
    Connector TypeUSB, Micro USB, HDMI
    Form FactorPortable, Pocket
    Item Weight700 g

    You Save : ₹ 4,500
    V.T.I. Q2 Portable Mini Projector, Mini Home Theatre, LCD Children's Education, Meetings Projector with HDMI/AV/USB/TF Card Interface
    • A good gift for children: eye protection, soft and harmless light, suitable for playing games, watching videos, listening to music, learning, etc., support 1080P HD display: 320 * 240P physical...
    • Small body large screen: compact body, can project 20-80 inch screen, watch giant screen theater at any time.The design is small and cute, suitable for children, and children can use it with...
    • 1.67 million true color display: Provides amazing true color display, highlighting rich colors and detailed display. Mini portable design: easy to carry, allowing you to enjoy movies, videos, games in...
    • Clear stereo effect: built-in dual 2W stereo speakers, no need to connect external speakers, easily enjoy video and music anytime, anywhere. Best viewing experience: supports up to 20in-80in...
    • This product provides mobile wireless connections and plug wire, with a 32 gb TF card inserted in the inside, with these children look at the video animation, you can also take to download other put...

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