Best DJ Mixer In India 2021

Best DJ mixer 2020 – DJ mixer: which is the best of 2021? Since the appearance of the first DJs until today, his figure has been gaining in importance and prominence.

In addition, its function has evolved over time. The role of the DJ ranges from the classic DJ, whose mission is to put one song after another, to those who produce music or create their own mixes.

Nowadays, it is common to see certain DJs cramming festivals or nightclubs. These types of artists have an important legion of followers. We cannot give you the keys to become a successful and internationally famous DJ. But we can help you choose one of the tools you need: the best DJ mixer of 2020.

Best Dj Mixer In India
Best Dj Mixer In India

The most important

  • A DJ mixer is a device to which we will connect various sound sources to modify and mix it. The most common is that they have two or four channels.
  • The number of sound sources that can be connected and used at the same time will depend on each model. The devices most frequently connected to DJ mixers are vinyl turntables, CD and MP3 players, computers, and even USB and SD cards.
  • Connectivity is precisely one of the basic purchase criteria. We must take into account which devices we are going to want to use with our DJ mixer and if they are compatible with it.

The best DJ mixers on the market: our recommendations

It doesn’t matter if you are already an expert DJ or if you are taking your first steps in this exciting world. In this section we have selected four of the best DJ mixing consoles of 2020. Our intention is to help you choose that tool that will become your inseparable companion. We hope that one of these interesting options meets your expectations.

  • The best five – channel DJ mixer
  • The best mid – range DJ table
  • The best value for money DJ mixer
  • The favorite DJ mixer for online users

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About DJ Mixers

A DJ mixer is a fundamental work tool, both for professionals in this field and for those who are just starting out. However, given the wide variety of models that exist, it is important that we clear all our doubts before deciding on one in particular. Therefore, below we solve the most frequent questions about Best DJ consoles to rock any party.

What is a DJ mixer for?

As we have already mentioned, a DJ mixer is one of the essential tools for every disc jockey . Of course, this is not a universal and absolute standard. Each DJ has his personal tastes. Some use other types of mixing consoles; others use DJ controllers.

The important thing is that you use the system with which you feel the most. But what is undeniable is that many DJs, both professionals and beginners, use a DJ mixer as a basic element. So what is its function? A DJ mixer allows you to control and vary the parameters of sound sources.

In other words: thanks to the DJ mixer we can raise or lower the volume of the sound tracks, adjust the treble or bass, add effects, superimpose audios or go from one song to another by fading. These are some of the main functions. Of course, the features and utilities of a table can vary from one model to another.

Best Dj Mixer
Best Dj Mixer

What devices can be connected to a DJ mixer?

A DJ mixer, to fulfill its function, needs to have a sound source connected. The number of devices that can be connected and used at the same time will depend on the channels and inputs of the console. Next, we will see the devices that can most often be connected to a DJ mixer through its different inputs.

  • Phono input : through this input we can connect a vinyl player, also known as a turntable. Many DJs use two turntables, one on each side of the mixer, in order to mix the sound coming from two different vinyls. It is very common that they are also used to scratch , a very common technique in this area.
  • Line input : thanks to this input we can connect a wide variety of devices, such as CD players, cassettes, MP3 players, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Of course, it never hurts to take a look at the manufacturer’s specifications to see which devices it is compatible with, in addition to making sure that our devices have the necessary connections.
  • Microphone: it is important to note that not all DJ consoles have a microphone channel. However, many models do incorporate it. It is an interesting option in case we want to communicate with our audience.
  • Headphones – Many mixing consoles have a headphone connection. Depending on the model, it will allow us to listen to the mix of the song before it sounds through the speakers.
  • Other inputs: some mixing consoles have ports to connect USB or SD cards.

How is a mixer and a DJ mixer similar and different?

The first thing to keep in mind is that a DJ mixer is, after all, a type of mixer. What happens is that the concept of mixing desk covers a greater number of types of tables. Thus, they are similar in that both allow you to modify the sound that comes from an external source, raise and lower the volume or equalize, among other things.

The main difference of DJ mixing consoles compared to, for example, live or studio consoles, is that the former are designed specifically for disc jockey work. Thus, one of the fundamental elements of DJ tables is the crossfader .

This is not usually the case with other types of mixing consoles, such as those already mentioned. In addition, the other mixing consoles, as a general rule, tend to incorporate a greater number of channels, in addition to being larger. Its use, usually, is also more complex. To perform the functions of disc jockey the best thing is, without a doubt, to get hold of a DJ mixer.

What DJ Mixers Do Some Famous DJs Use?

Given the large number of DJ mixer models, it is normal to feel somewhat overwhelmed. Which model will be the best for me? If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can take a look at which tables some of the most famous DJs regularly use. Of course, keep in mind that the mixing console is only part of the equipment, generally expensive, that these professionals use.

DJ nameMixing table
SkrillexPioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
Calvin HarrisPioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
Ellen allienAllen anf Heath Xone: 92, Pioneer DJM-900
David GuettaPioneer DJ DJM-900NXS2
Armin van buuren Pioneer DJM-2000 and Allen and Heath Xone: DB4
PotPioneer DJM-9000 Nexus
MagdaAllen and Heath Xone: 92

What are the differences between a DJ mixer and a controller?

A DJ mixer and a DJ controller are similar tools, although they have important differences. The purpose of both is to mix different audios. However, their main difference is the way they work. A DJ mixer is a device that can be analog or digital to which other devices that reproduce sound are connected.

For its part, the most common is that a DJ controller is used connected to a computer to manage the software installed on it. The controller usually incorporates two decks and two jogwheels as standard (although this is not always the case) . In addition, they usually also have a sound card.

When it comes to DJ mixing consoles, as we’ve seen so far, this is usually the centerpiece of the DJ equipment . We will connect different devices to it, whether they are turntables, CD or MP3 players, portable, or a combination of them. Next, we will show more clearly the main differences between these two devices.

DJ mixerDJ controller
It does not require software to work.The most common is that you need software to work.
It does not need a computer to function.It is usually connected to a computer (although there are models that allow you to connect tablets and smartphones ).
We need to connect audio-playing devices for it to work, be it turntables, CD players, or MP3 players.Simply connect it to the portable device for it to be operational.
High-end models are more expensive.Although there are very high-end models, there are very inexpensive options.
A large number of professional DJs use this type of table.Some professionals also use controllers, either as a complement to their tools, or as a single piece of equipment.

Best DJ Mixer Purchase criteria

Surely you really want to release your new DJ mixer. But to avoid possible disappointments in the future, it is better to take into account certain criteria when choosing a model. Here are some of the most important ones. In this way, it will be easier for you to get the best mixer of 2020.

  • Connectivity
  • Crossfader
  • Microphone input
  • Channels
  • Effects edit

Best DJ Mixer Connectivity

Earlier we mentioned the devices that can most often be connected to a DJ mixer. However, it is important that we make sure that the model we choose is compatible with our devices. To do this, we must take a look at their respective connections and consult the manufacturer’s specifications.

The most frequent connections of a DJ mixer are RCA for line and phono , and jack for microphone. Some models allow several devices to be connected to these inputs and then select in the controls whether we want to use line or phono. It is also essential that we check if it has a connection for USB or SD card, in case they seem interesting to us.


The crossfader is one of the most characteristic elements of DJ mixing consoles. It is that fader that is located horizontally between the two workspaces. Its main function is to increase the volume of one of the signals while decreasing the other. This allows for a smooth transition between the ending song and the beginning song.

Best DJ Mixer Microphone input

Many DJs like to communicate with the audience during their shows. The simplest way to do this is through a microphone connected to the mixing console. If you intend to use it as well, you must make sure that the table model you choose has an input for this device. The most common microphone connections are jack and XLR.

Best DJ Mixer Channels

It is also essential that we take a moment to consider this important aspect. Most often, a DJ mixing console has two or four channels, plus an extra one for the microphone (if it is incorporated). Of course, there are also three-channel models, like the Numark mentioned above, and more than four.

This characteristic will determine the number of sound sources that we can mix at the same time. We should not confuse it with the number of entries on the table. Certain models allow more than one device per channel to be connected. However, at the top of the potentiometers we have a selector to choose which of the devices we want to activate.

Effects edit

Effects are also an important issue. Many DJs usually include some effect in the mixes they make. Certain models of mixing consoles include a built-in effects processor. It is essential that we take a few moments to see if they are the type of effects we are looking for. The most basic models do not always include an effects module.

Summary – Best DJ Mixer

A DJ without a DJ mixer is like a knight without a sword. It is true that there are some alternatives to supply this device, such as controllers. However, the mixing console is a widely used tool among the professional disc jockey community . Of course, the habit does not make the monk.

By this we mean that it is not necessary to obsess over getting the most expensive equipment, or the same equipment used by our idols, since only practice and dedication will make us an excellent DJ. The important thing is to get a model that fits our needs and our budget. To do this, review aspects such as connectivity or the number of channels.

We hope these tips have been helpful to you. If so, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment or share this guide on your social networks!

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