Top 10 Best Cutting Machines in India

Best Cutting Machines in India used to cut pieces of items from layers of webs of paper cards or knitted fabric. The technically feasible layer cutting depth depends on the configuration of the cutting machine and the thickness and characteristics of the fabrics. Machines for cutting can be movable or stationary.

He working member of a movable cutting machine is a steel plate-type knife, which performs a reciprocal vertical motion, or a round knife, which rotates at high speed. The machine is shifted manually relative to the layer along lines drawn on the top card web. In stationary cutting machines, the working member, or cutter, is a high-speed endless band saw. Movable cutting machines are usually used for cleaving the layers into sections.

Such machines have line-cutting capacities of 1,150–1,400 m (straight-knife machines) and 1,250–1,500 m (round-knife machines) over a seven-hour period. Cutting machines with a band saw are used for the clean cutting of pieces of articles from the parts of the layer. The material is moved manually on the cutting-machine table in relation to the band saw.

Band-saw cutting machines provide better cutting quality, and their output averages twice that of straight-knife cutting machines. Bosch is the world leading brand in manufacturing power tools. They are known for their quality and after sales services. The product is manufactured in India and is far better than its Chinese counterparts. Powerful machine with 660W brush motor. Slim; lightweight design provides fatigue-free working; reducing risk of mistakes and injury. Supplied with guard and side handle.

Types of Cutting Machines

Wood Cutting Machine Fabric Cutting Machine Tiles & Marble Cutting MachinePaper Cutting Machine Rod Cutting Machine

1. Wood Cutting Machine

Best Wood Cutting Machine In India


Wood Cutting Machine Types and Applications [with Pictures and Names]:- There are many different types of instruments for cutting wood in different ways, and each tool has its own set of characteristics when it comes to wood cutting. Cutting can be simple and quick provided the correct wood cutting equipment is chosen. Some wood cutting instruments require manual labour, while others require electricity or a fully charged battery.

Types of Wood Cutting Tools :-

There are various types of wood cutting tools available these days. These are:

1. Power Saws ( Types of Wood Cutting Tools )

Power Saws 1

Power saws have the key advantage of being able to cut large amounts of wood in a short amount of time. The term “electric saw” refers to power saws that have a rechargeable battery. Power saws are one of the most popular among other wood cutting equipment since they are faster than hand saws and do not require a large amount of manpower. Depending on the cut, they can be used with a variety of blades, including crosscut and rip blades.

Scroll saws, Mitre saws, Band saws, Table saws, Reciprocating saws, Circular saws, and Jig saws are just a few of the power saws available today.

(A) Jig Saw
When cutting wood into curves, a jig saw is required. They’re great for cutting curves and lines in a piece of lumber. Jig saws are used to cut a variety of materials, including wood, plastics, metal, and laminate.

Tips for choosing the right jigsaw blade:

  • Carbon steel blades are used to cut wood and PVC.
  • Bi-metal is used for thin metals.
  • For clean and accurate cuts, fine toothed blades are utilised, whereas coarse blades are used for faster wood cutting.
  • Some jigsaws are cordless, while others are corded. Cordless jigsaws are more convenient because they are portable, while corded jigsaws can work for longer periods of time due to the lack of a battery.

The type of jigsaw relies on the purpose for which it will be used. If a power source is available, it is preferable to use a corded jigsaw to avoid the problem of running out of batteries.

(B) Band Saw
A band saw can precisely cut smooth curves in wood. Band saws are available in both fixed and portable models. Other materials than wood can be cut with a band saw. Band saws are inexpensive.

(C) Circular Saw
Circular saws are useful for cutting a variety of materials. They aren’t ideal for cutting wood, but they can be used for a variety of other tasks. They are easy to use and transport. They can assist with plastic, wood, metal, and brick cutting.

(D) Table Saw
Table saws are used to cut a large number of different planks and pieces of lumber in a precise manner. Cutting many cuts one after another is also easier using a table saw. Table saws are easy to transport to the job site and dramatically minimise cutting time. Some table saws have legs that allow them to stand as tall as the model, while others are a little smaller.

You Save : ₹ 789
BLACK+DECKER CS1500 1500W 7''/185mm Wood Cutting Circular Saw with 2x 36T TCT Blades
  • Power: 1500 Watts, Blade Size: 185mm, Speed: 5500 RPM, Depth of Cut at 90 Degree: 62mm, Depth of Cut at 45 Degree: 46mm, Beveling Shoe: 0 - 45 Degree, Cable Length: 2 Meter, For Cutting Wood
  • No Load Speed: 4300 RPM ; Bevel Cut: 0-45° ; Max Cutting Depth: 63 mm. Lock off switch provides added safety
  • Ergonomic Handle for Maximum Control and Comfort.
  • Beveling Shoe for Angled Cuts. 36 Teeth Carbide Blade for fast Cutting
  • Includes: Circular Saw, 2 x 36 Teeth Carbide Saw Blade, Wrench and Parallel Guide
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer from date of purchase
  • For any warranty related issues or product feedback, please feel free to contact us through our customer care number on: [ 1860-425-1111 ] between 10AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday (except government...

2. Hand Saws :

Hand Saws

These are the traditional and fundamental wood-cutting tools. Hand saws are used for a variety of tasks and come in a wide range of sizes. Steel, iron, and other metal blades are used in hand saws, which need manpower. There are several varieties of hand saws based on the size and type of teeth:

(A) Hacksaws
These are commonly used to cut pipelines and other materials. They are lightweight and convenient to transport when sawing a log. Hacksaws are less expensive and more readily available than chainsaws. Depending on the material being cut, blades can be withdrawn and reinserted. The tooth count of blades varies depending on their intended usage.

(B) Japanese Saw
Japanese saws are pleasing to the eye and have a distinct design. The term “pull saw” is commonly used to describe them. Japanese saws are light and easy to operate; they only require a pull to cut the wood, but this pull requires relatively little strength compared to hacksaws and other hand saws.

(C) Bow Saw
For handsaw, a bow saw has a long blade. They have large teeth that are placed in a cross cut pattern, allowing them to quickly cut tree limbs. Bow saws may cut under both pushing and pulling situations. Bow saws are used for a variety of purposes. When cutting through logs, bow saws are also utilised. They are an excellent choice for rough cuts. They’re ideal for woodcutting in the open air.

(D) Crosscut Saw
Crosscut saws have a broad and large blade, as well as huge teeth, which allows them to cut through trees and large branches. Crosscut saws are ideal for cutting difficult wood. The crosscut saw has a long life and may be used for a variety of tasks, including outdoor woodcutting.

(E) Coping Saws
In comparison to other handsaws, this one has a unique design. Coping saws are commonly used for complex cuts. They’re lightweight and easy to transport, and they’re great for cutting curved lines and complicated shapes. These saws have thin blades, making it easier to change directions when necessary. Coping saws make a clean cut and can also be used to make cuts inside the wood, but first a hole must be drilled before the saw blade can be inserted.

You Save : ₹ 10
Jon Bhandari Tools Powerful Hand Saw with Hardened Steel blades 450mm (18 inch) Silver colour body For Professionals & Craftsmen Pack of 1
  • Weight- 390g, Size- 450mm (18"), Material- Hardened Steel blades, Colour- Silver body with yellow black handle, Package Contents- 1x Hand Saw 450mm (18")
  • Jon Bhandari Tools Hand Saw's are equipped with hardened steel blades with aggressive tooth design for a faster cut & smoother finish.
  • This Hand saw is suited to all normal uses and materials. It is ideal For Cutting Wood And Plywood.
  • Strong and Versatile. Easy to sharpen. Durable and Sturdy plastic handle which assures firm grip.
  • It can be used in making various wooden crafts and carpentary work at home, workshop, garage, etc. A must have product for hobbyists & wood working professionals.

3. Chisels :

Chisels Types of Wood Cutting Machine

Chisels come in a variety of forms and sizes. They can be used to carve wood by hand, allowing users to create highly fine wood art with ease; sculptures are made with a wood chisel. Metal blades with protruding cutting edges protrude from metal, wooden, or plastic handles. They’re most commonly utilised to attach or fit two components together.

You Save : ₹ 1,356
AmazonBasics 8-Piece Wood Carving Chisel Set
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 8-piece carving chisel tool set for hobbyist or professional woodworkers
  • Includes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/4, and 1-1/2 inch chisels, honing guide, and sharpening stone
  • Heat-treated, chrome vanadium (Cr-V) steel alloy blades and narrow side bevels
  • Contoured, ergonomic handles improve accuracy and reduce hand-strain
  • Blow-molded storage case keeps tools organized and secured
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty

4. Router : ( Types of Wood Cutting Tools )


A router is a high-powered equipment that is used to shape wood and create various types of joins. They can also be used to round off sharp and rough edges of wood, as well as to create grooves and slots in wood. They are long-lasting and potent, so they can be used on a daily basis. Fine cabinets are commonly made with routers. High-quality routers can also be used to do intricate tasks.

You Save : ₹ 1,508
Bosch 06016A00F0 GKF 550 Palm Router (550W)
  • Bosch professional hand router symbolizes top quality, variable speed, robust power and safer. Powerful 550W motor and a higher rpm provides fast trimming and quality work.
  • Bosch professional tools are easy to hold and soft and comfortable to grip and come with a long service life and efficiency boost. Rated input power - 550 W; No-load speed - 33,000 RPM Compatible...
  • Package Content: Order / Part number: 06016A00F0, Parallel guide, Roller guide, Template guide (Part number: 2609110223), 17 mm spanner, 10 mm spanner, 1 x Straight Bit (Part number: 2608 628440)
  • Warranty – 6 Months from the date of invoice (provide invoice copy to claim warranty)

5. Chain Saw : ( Types of Wood Cutting Tools )

Chain Saw

Chain saws are used to quickly cut trees and can even cut through dense trees or woodlands. They are less time consuming, electric saws, and simple to operate. They are used to chop thick logs of wood so that they can be transported more easily. Chain saws that are light in weight are preferred since they are easier to use. Chain saws are also used to make specific cuts and cut through boards, but they are not as exact.

You Save : ₹ 1,150
Cheston Electric Chainsaw Bracket Adapter Set for Angle Grinder Machine Woodworking Tool
  • This Chain Saw Bracket Set fits the 100 angle grinder and the grinder is not included in the package
  • Usage: When you want to tighten the chain or loosen the chain, first you need to loose the hex screws on the black board and then you could loose or tighten the cheek screw with the screwdriver bit,...
  • Chain saw size : 11.5 inch
  • Its input power depends on your own 100 angle grinder, so it is not certain number. The chainsaw runs smooth, this allows the user to save their strength and work longer, effectively improve the...
  • Widely used for forest harvesting, chopping fire wood & lopping, building material to cut wood, bamboo harvest, etc.

6. Pruning Saw :

Tree surgeons use them all the time to make precise cuts in tree limbs. They are long and have a curved blade with coarse teeth that are used for cutting tree limbs quickly in both directions. In comparison to alternative manual choices, using a pruning saw is simple and quick.

7. Planes :

Planes are commonly used to shape the wood object. Planes have sharp blades that allow them to slice or chop little and excess wood particles from the wood’s surface. Manual wood planers need a great deal of strength and might be difficult to operate. They are inexpensive and can be utilised in a variety of settings. There are many different types of planes on the market, but the most popular are the bench and smoothening planes. Planes are classified as either electric or human-powered. Shoulder planes are utilised for tenon joints and producing rabbets, while compass planes are used for work with curved surfaces.

8. Lathe :

Lathes are used to cut wood by adding various tools to it, allowing people to use it as a sort of all-in-one tool for woodworking. It can aid in both the planning and precision cutting of a piece of lumber. Lathes are costly. Chisels of various forms and sizes are used on the lathe. They provide a smooth finish to the surface and can be used to create a variety of wood decorations.

9. Two Man Crosscut Saw :

Two men can use a two-man crosscut saw to cut down a tree by standing on opposite sides of the tree and pulling and pushing the crosscut saw in an alternate method. This results in the tree being cut down quickly, making the task less demanding. This saw has two large handles for the operator to hold. The handles are gripped with both hands, resulting in increased strength in pulling and pushing the saw. These days, they are hardly utilised.

10. Axe :

The axe is the typical tool for felling trees. However, they are not as straightforward as a chainsaw. In order to provide good wood cutting, they must use right method. Axes can also be used to split tree logs.

11. Rip Cut Saw :

Rip cut saws are commonly used to rapidly and easily cut boards. Rip cut saws require a certain amount of strength to operate properly. Rip cut saws are inexpensive.

12. Tree Loppers :

Tree loppers are used to cut down tree branches and to remove dead tree branches, however a chainsaw is required for stronger tree limbs.

2. Fabric Cutting Machine

Best Fabric Cutting Machine In India

If you are thinking about buying a fabric cutting machine or would like to learn more about the price of a fabric cutting machine, you will find simple information here that will clear all of your doubts and allow you to purchase the machine, as well as answers to any concerns you may have.

All of these Fabric Cutting Machines are electric machines that you may use to make your work easier. You can use them to cut any thick or obliquely slant cloth. Walking is quite simple. Also see India’s Best Mini Sewing Machine Price.

All Machines are Best Fabric Cutting Machines, so you won’t have any problems. I’ve evaluated all Machines, and the quality of all Machines is quite high, and the material has been done very well.

If you’re buying a fabric cutting machine online, read a day’s worth of reviews first to learn more about it and how it works. If you like it once more, you should Buy it and observe how it’s done with the Product.

Best Fabric Cutting Machine In India

Fabric Cutting Machines are available in a variety of sizes. Talk to You is India’s best fabric cutting machine, and it’s an electric machine that gets the job done faster. When using this machine, first read the instruction book before using it. It’s quite simple to use.

RankingFabric Cutting MachineRatingBrand NameFabric Cutting Machine Price
1Sky Sewing Spares Burman KTEE 220V Fabric 110 mm Cloth Cutting Rotary Cutter Machine2.5/5GenericBuy Now From Amazon
2Heavy Duty 65Mm Electric Clothes Shoes Umbrella Fabric Cutter Machine3.9/5GenericBuy Now From Amazon
3Vicco Q Cheering 100 mm Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine4.2/5ViccoBuy Now From Amazon
4Burman Kazze Copper Heavy Bearing Industrial Round Cloth Cutting Machine4.2/5BurmanBuy Now From Amazon
5Best Lejiang 220V, 125mm Blade Electric Cloth Fabric Textile Cutting Machine (Beige)4.0/5GenericBuy Now From Amazon

1. Sky Sewing Spares Burman KTEE 220V Fabric 110 mm Cloth Cutting Rotary Cutter Machine

Cooking Darbar

Clothing, leather goods, textiles, rubber products, paper industry, blankets, carpets, handicrafts and gifts, furniture, sofas, umbrellas, hats, body armour, widely applied to the following fields: clothing, leather goods, textiles, rubber products, paper industry, blankets, carpets, handicrafts and gifts, furniture, sofas, umbrellas, hats, body armour

This is one of the best cloth cutting machines available, and it is brown in colour. The Sky Sewing Machine is an electric machine that makes sewing simple and easy. This Cloth Machine is ideal for a wide range of applications, including leather goods, textiles, rubber products, paper industries, blankets, carpets, handicrafts and gifts, furniture, sofas, umbrellas, hats, and body armour.


  • This machine is brown in colour.
  • This machine is 3 kg in weight.
  • The dimensions of the product are 25.4 x 10.16 x 10.16 cm.
  • This is the Standard Capacity Machine.
  • The product’s quality is excellent.
You Save : ₹ 500
Sky Sewing Spares Burman KTEE 220V Fabric 110 mm Cloth Cutting Rotary Cutter Machine/Electric Scissors for Quilting, Dressmaking and Sewing
  • Suitable for Clothing, leather goods, textiles, rubber products, paper industry, blankets, carpets, handicrafts and gifts, furniture, sofas, umbrellas, hats, body armor,widely applied to following...
  • Equipped with automatic sharpening device to keep blabe sharp.It can cut off quickly and is portable and flexible
  • Light weight and easy to carry,low noise.
  • Built in sharpening mechanism, the blade can be easily sharpened.It can cut off quickly and is portable and flexible.
  • This powerful electric rotary cutter can cut up to 15 layers of fabric.

2. Heavy Duty 65Mm Electric Clothes Shoes Umbrella Fabric Cutter Machine

Cooking Darbar

The machine material is excellent, and the product is of good quality. This is the Durable Fabrication Machine, and the Fabric Cutter Machine is 65 mm. 1 round Knife Cutting Machine, 1 Lubricating Oil, 1 Abrasive Wheel, 1 Sandpaper, 2 Carbon Brushes, and 1 Instruction are included in the package.

pruning height 22mm length 260mm round knife cutting machine voltage 220v â current 0.6apower 150w blade size 65mm pruning height 22mm According to the handbook, if the abrasive wheel has more greasy filth, it should be used after cleaning or changing-blade load and unload the blade is revolved to the abrasive wheel hole insert cylindrical pin to use it. flatt hand to revolve outpress-mill blade start electric scissors press abrasive stick the abrasive wheel will automatically mill the blades to keep them sharp,


  • The product’s quality is excellent.
  • The Electric Machine is what it’s called.
  • This machine is ideal for use at home.
  • The Durable Construction of this Machine.
  • It’s quite simple to use.
You Save : ₹ 6,075
Heavy Duty 65Mm Electric Clothes Shoes Umbrella Fabric Cutter Machine
  • Electric Clothes Shoes Umbrella Fabric Cutter Machine+^+Size : 65 mm+^+Durable Construction

3. Vicco Q Cheering 100 mm Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine

Cooking Darbar

Machine for cutting cloth. Up to 15 layers of fabric can be cut with this heavy-duty electric single phase (220 v / 50 hz) (250 W) rotary cutter. It also comes with a spare blade. The blade is linked to a grinding wheel, and the blade can be sharpened with the push of a button. (For more information, see the instruction manual.) Cotton, woollen, lines, silk, and other materials can be cut with it. Cuts freely, runs smoothly, and is simple to operate.

When compared to other brands, the high-power copper motor and hardened parts provide it a longer life and less wear and tear.

The Blade Size of the Cloth Cutting Machine is 100mm, and the Machine Color is OFF-WHITE. Cloth Machine is a whole electric machine that is very light weight. Vicco Corporation is the manufacturer of the machine.


  • The Sewing Machine Material is Metal.
  • The colour of this Fabric Cloth Machine is OFF-WHITE.
  • The Cloth Cutting Machine is 499 grammes in weight.
  • The dimensions of the item are 20 x 10 x 10 centimetres.
  • The machine’s voltage is 220 V + 10%.
vicco Q Cheering 100 mm Round Knife Cloth Cutting Machine
  • Blade size - 100 mm
  • Volts - 220 V+-10%
  • Power - 250 W
  • Hertz- 50/60

4. Burman Kazze Copper Heavy Bearing Industrial Round Cloth Cutting Machine

Cooking Darbar

This Cloth Cutting Machine Weight is 2.9 KGS, and this is Electric Sewing Machine. When you Buy this Product in Online Store, the Item Included is POWER CORD, ACCESSORIES AND INSTRUCTION MANUAL. This is Very Light Weight Cloth Cutting Machine that you Carry anyway.

This heavy-duty electric Single Phase (220V/50 Hz) (250 W) rotary cutter will cut up to 15 layers of fabric. comes complete with an extra blade. Grinding Wheel is attached next to the blade and the blade can easily be sharpened with a press of a button. ( Refer to the instruction manual for more info.). It can cut cotton, woollen, lines, silk, chemical fiber, etc. Freely cutting, stable running, easily used.Included Components .


  • Item Dimensions is 36.4 x 32 x 18.2 cm.
  • The Weight of the Machine is 3.36 Kilograms.
  • The Knife Size is 125 MM.
  • This Machine Run Single Phase 220V-250V, and Power is 250W.
  • This Machine Cutting Capacity is 32 mm.
Burman Kazze Copper Heavy Bearing Industrial Round Cloth Cutting Machine/Knife/Life Gear (125 mm, Grey)
  • NET WEIGHT - 2.9 KGS
  • VOLTAGE - SINGLE PHASE (220V-250V) POWER - (250W)

5. Best Lejiang 220V, 125mm Blade Electric Cloth Fabric Textile Cutting Machine (Beige)

Cooking Darbar

His product has a beautiful, generous look, an internal structure that is scientific and rational in design, is simple to use and flexible, is made in Japan and Taiwan, is durable, works late at the turn, is free of vibration and noise, and is safe and trustworthy. Cutting and tidy material, no burr, no wrinkles, cutting light, smooth operation, comfortable usage, and sharpening convenience High-speed cutting, light and flexible, with an automatic knife grinding technology to maintain a razor-sharp edge!

This is an Electric Cloth Cutting Machine that is ideal for tailors. Please verify the Product Included Items like Spring for Lower Blade, Cleaning Brush, Grinding Wheel, Carbon Brush, Power Cord, Wrench, and L-Key if you buy this product from an online store. One of the Cloth Cutting Machines is shown here.


  • This product weighs 5 kg.
  • The product is of good quality.
  • It can easily cut leather, woollen, silk, and other products, as well as provide proofing and finishing services.
  • Angle is the shape of the blade.
  • This is the Long-Lasting Product.
You Save : ₹ 2,501
Best Lejiang 220V, 125mm Blade Electric Cloth Fabric Textile Cutting Machine (Beige)
  • Products suitable for field: Clothing (leather, woollen, woollen, silk and other products, proofing finishing) Leather products (shoes, belts, bags etc.) Textiles (fabrics, ribbon, rope) Rubber...
  • The main technical specifications The blade size: 120MM The shape of the blade angle: 8 Cutting height: 40MM Single-phase voltage: 200V/240V Power: 350W
  • Durable product

Cloth Cutting Machines : How to Use ?

3. Tiles & Marble Cutting Machine

Best Tiles & Marble Cutting Machine in india

There are highly effective and practical instrument kits, similar to a marble cutting machine, available for our assistance. Gone are the days when someone had to manually dig a hole or cut a marble tile using only their physical strength.

Each damp and dry stone is chopped with a marble cutter. The cutter has a round disc-like chopping blade with/without ridges that is positioned on an axis and is powered by a motor.

The basic concept is similar to that of a circular saw for chopping wood. The primary advantage of cutters is that they are small and portable, making them mobile and convenient to use both professionally and at home.

Stone Cutting Machine, also known as Tile/Marble Cutting Machine, aids in the construction of robust and visually appealing structures that can withstand the test of time. We provide machines for constructing stronger, sharper, sleeker, and more appealing vision building blocks online. These machines were created with the goal of providing a simple and reliable user experience. These machines are not only manageable and user-friendly, but they are also affordable due to their extensive safety features.

Best Tiles Marble Cutting Machine in india 1
RankingTiles & Marble Cutting MachineRatingBrand NameTiles & Marble Cutting Machine Price
1Josch Jc4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutting Machine3.8/5JoschBuy Now From Amazon
2Digital Craft Powerful Cutting Machine3.7/5Digital CraftBuy Now From Amazon
3STANLEY STSP125 Marble Cutter/ Tile Cutter Machine4.3/5STANLEY Buy Now From Amazon
4iBELL Marble Cutter Machine4.1/5Ibell Buy Now From Amazon
5AGNI Power AP008 Professional Marble Cutter Machine4.0/5AGNI PowerBuy Now From Amazon

1. Josch Jc4 Heavy Duty Marble Cutting Machine

Cooking Darbar

Josch is a well-known brand that creates products with the highest readability and quality for a better experience for its customers. It should be your highest priority to get something out of the field from one of these manufacturers.

The Josch Jc4 marble cutter is an item that should not be overlooked. It is a prestigious and noteworthy product with a high-graded motor that can work and compete for better results and operation features.
The motor is clearly sturdy, and it is capable of working on difficult materials while still giving them a well-finished appearance. To ensure that the product is safe and secure while in use, it is equipped with a lock on/off mechanism that allows you to easily manage the product.

This mechanism also keeps you safe from mishaps by allowing you to control the product’s overheating with a single hand operation and keeping you safe on a frequent basis.The product’s design is completed with a variety of ways and tips that widen the bottom plate for increased chopping and operating capabilities.

It has the ability to deliver efficiency and precision in a short period of time due to its large plating area and deep chopping talents. According to customer feedback and recommendations, it’s an outstanding product with the best qualities and possibilities for a unique experience. This product is a great option to go with because it is both fashionable and functional.


  • Operating power is around 1050 watts.
  • The product comes with a 6-month warranty period.
  • The cutter comes with a wrench and instructions for easy assembly.
You Save : ₹ 1,201
Josch Jc4 Made in India Heavy Duty Marble/Tile/Granite/Stone/Wood/Brick/Porcelain/Ceramic Cutter (1050 W, 12000 Rpm, 4 Inch, Blue)
  • Color: Blue; Warranty: 6 months manufacturer warranty only on the manufacturing defects; Package Contents: 1 x Marble Cutter without Blade, & 1 x Wrench

2. Digital Craft Powerful Cutting Machine

Cooking Darbar

A digital craft is a useful product that has been able to provide you with some excellent items on the market that are not only environmentally friendly but also dependable on all fronts. Digital craft should be on your shopping list because it offers more than its capabilities.

The digital craft marble cutter is a high-end product that should be considered by anyone looking for a high-quality marble cutter, as it is an option that should not be overlooked.

It is one of the most versatile and resourceful items that can be used to cut any type of cloth for a certain style, making the fabric appear more finished and precise. It also comes with a moist and dry blade option, allowing the cutter to function efficiently on dry base materials for better definition.

It’s designed for cutting and designing tiles, but it can also be used as a grinder to give the tile an exponential design that’s far better than a noticed.

The grinding effect not only helps the tiles return to their original shape, but it also improves the technical cuts and figures within the materials in a noticeable way. It features a strong and durable base, making it a long-lasting device that may be used for years without issue.

The product’s components are proper, and it’s designed in such a way that it’s not only comfortable to use, but it also has an attractive appearance, making it a unique masterpiece available in India. It is a popular device with few possibilities, but it may be used to cut and outline any type of fabric. Click the button below to get it from Amazon.


  • It is a popular substance that may be used to reduce almost any type of material.
  • For working assistance, 1400 watts are required.
  • Because it has an RPM of 11000, it is a high-speed product that can reduce almost everything.
  • It’s a stylish and edgy item with meticulous attention to detail.
You Save : ₹ 2,304
Digital Craft 1400W 11000 RPM Powerful Cutting Machine For Wood/Marble/Granite/Metal With 2 wheels Handheld Tile Cutter
  • NOTE: Color May Vary As Per Availability In Stock
  • Used for cutting most types of flat stone and marble
  • Uses a diamond carbide blade that grinds rather than saws the tile for a clean cut while being cooLED with water
  • Wet/dry blades allow dry cutting and are usually smaller

3. STANLEY STSP125 Marble Cutter/ Tile Cutter Machine

STANLEY STSP125 Marble Cutter/ Tile Cutter Machine

Stanley is a growing brand that has attempted to combine everything that a buyer desires in a product available on the market, in order to provide them with a product that is good and meets their needs conspicuously.

If you’re looking for a model that does everything well and quickly, this is the model for you. The Stanley STSP125 marble cutter is a certified item that could be the right fit for you.

Has it been designed with professional technologies in mind to ensure that the product is both comfortable and safe to use? This product is a game-changer in the market that is completely geared up in every respect. Professionally renowned for slicing tiles of the finest shape and kind, this product is a game-changer available in the market that is absolutely geared up in every regard.

In terms of safety, it has a lock-on and lock-off mechanism that prevents any type of mishap and allows you to easily keep and grip the product when cutting a tile. The assembling and designing are completed with substantial base materials, which not only make it look attractive, but also assures that the product will be durable and provide its services for a very long time.

It is a light-weight device that is certified for mobility from one location to another for several uses. It also features a new know-how built into the gear that allows the device to operate with minimal noise and vibrations. It comes with a peak adjustment shoe that allows the engineers to cut multiple depth ranges appropriately in seconds, ensuring that the fabric is minimised accurately.

According to customer feedback and ideas, it’s an exponential product with a variety of options built in for better customer support while using it. This is the product for you if you’re looking for a high-quality cutter that will be well worth your money. On this product, the model offers a return policy that is valid for 10 days after purchase.


  • The product requires around 1350 watts to function properly.
  • It is backed by a 12-month warranty.
  • It’s a corded kind item.
  • The facility consumes roughly 240 volts.
You Save : ₹ 1,151
STANLEY STSP125 1320 Watt 5''/125mm Marble Cutter/ Tile Cutter Machine (Yellow and Black)
  • Powerful 1320 watts motor for highest working efficiency.It has a no-load speed of 13500 rotations per minute
  • 125mm capacity guard for all job-site applications
  • High capacity gear set for less vibration, lower noise and longer life span
  • Height adjustable shoe allows user to cut at various depths
  • Soft handle grip for long duration easy usage
  • Lock-off switch to prevent accidental action
  • Lock-on button for fatigue-free continuous running
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Manufacturing Defects
  • Package Contents: Main Unit, Warranty Card, Manual, Wrench and Key
  • The Cutter Has Been Designed Ergonomically To Promote Easy Handling. It is Also Portable. Powered By A Powerful 1320 Watt Torque Efficient Motor

4. iBELL Marble Cutter Machine

iBELL Marble Cutter Machine

ibell has been on the market for quite some time and has been able to outgrow itself by developing some specialised products that are essential for their customers to use. If you’re looking for a dependable model that can answer all of your questions, you should start with iBell.

The iBell marble cutter is a versatile and well-known product that ensures high efficiency and prospective talents that will assist you in a variety of ways.
In terms of efficiency and effectiveness, this product has made a name for itself, and it has attempted to ensure that every component is precise for better operation service. With a 1050 watt demand and a powerful engine, this is the one that will best fulfil your needs.

The engine is of high calibre and can uniformly cut any type of fabric, making it a durable and all-arounder product on the market. This product’s use is rather straightforward, and it helps you to maintain a firm grasp on it while slicing any type of fabric.

Because the product is compact and light-weighted, it may be a terrific choice for family gatherings because it is easy to manage and aids in generating excellent work that is particularly good for knowledgeable.

Although the product is little, the speed variations are quite high, which not only improves its efficiency but also makes it more structured in use. The machine spins at a rate of 13000 RPM, making it one of India’s most powerful marble cutters. It’s an uncommon piece to let go of, given the standard and content of this product.

According to customer feedback and recommendations, it’s a noteworthy product that combines everything, making it a timeless and adaptable product to use. To get this product on sale, click the purple button below.


  • It has a 6-month guarantee period.
  • For proper operation, around 1050 watts are required.
  • With a high RPM range of 13000, it has the ability to chop a lot.
  • In use, it’s quite dependable and pleasant.
You Save : ₹ 636
iBELL Marble Cutter / Multi Purpose Cutter 1050W, 13000Rpm With 6 Months Warranty
  • Marble cutter available with 6 months warranty
  • Marble Cutter or multipurpose cutter with 1050 watt.Professional marble cutter also used as Multi Purpose Cutter
  • Lightweight marble cutter for easy operation with maximum working comfort
  • Maximum working comfort having standard cutting speed 13000rpm for flexible cutting

5. AGNI Power AP008 Professional Marble Cutter Machine

AGNI Power AP008 Professional Marble Cutter Machine

Agni offers a high-quality selection of Power Tools. High-quality raw materials and precision technologies are used to create tools that meet industrial standards. Before being released into the market, Agni Power Tools are thoroughly quality verified by our inspectors, who check for adherence to a variety of requirements. When you think of professional metalwork, fabrication, or grinding, do you think of Agni? Angle grinders from Agni can be used for polishing, sharpening, and mild cutting. Agni Power Tools can handle all operations, whether you have a workshop or are a Do-it-Yourself hobbyist. We invite you to choose the correct tool for your activity from the wide choice of Agni Power Tools, and you’re ready to go!

The machine is constructed and ready for Heavy Duty work thanks to its powerful Pure Copper 1050W motor. To properly complete the tile/marble/stone/wood cutting processes, use a 12000 RPM impact rate. Agni tools’ motors have a lot of cutting power and are very durable and reliable.

Ergonomic Switches and Speed Lock Buttons make it easier to start, stop, and maintain steady speed throughout work, decreasing user fatigue over long periods of time.

The sturdy handle improves comfort and grip, allowing you to manage the guide with with one hand. Furthermore, the fixed guard and lower guard not only protect the blades for proper maintenance and to extend their service life, but they also protect you from being injured by the sharp blade, ensuring a safe working environment.


  • Comes with a voltage requirement of 220V.
  • The model offers a 6-month guarantee for this product.
  • Also requires 1050 watts for operation functions.
  • Have long-lasting working capabilities.
You Save : ₹ 1,600
AGNI Power AP008 Professional Marble Cutter 1050W 4 Inch Multipurpose Usage Marble/Tile/Wood Cutter 13000RPM (Royal Blue)
  • 1) Power Input: 1050 W; No Load Speed: 13000 Rpm; Maximum working comfort having standard cutting speed 13000rpm for flexible cutting
  • 2) Lock-on Button for continuous usage. D-handle provides optimum comfort. It can be used to cut materials like tiles and marbles to the stronger concrete.
  • 3) They also allow for accurate cuts to be made making them a quintessential tool in a number of industries. The on/off switch is located behind the handle, to enable single-hand operation of this...
  • 4) The motor is very powerful which makes this tool efficient and highly productive. The special design together with the powerful motor enables the user to use this tile/marble cutter for long...
  • 5) multi-purpose cutting tool has a wide blade diameter which ensures easier cutting as per need

Tiles & Marble Cutting Machines : How to Use ?

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