Top 10 Best Convertible Laptop in India

Best Convertible Laptop – Convertible laptops are a great alternative to lightweight laptops and ultra-books. They are ideal for people who need a lightweight device, easily transportable and who do not require a very powerful equipment. They are also especially suitable for those who want a tablet to draw or write notes with the digital pen.

A convertible laptop is a type of laptop that can transform into a tablet by folding the screen back on itself, or by detaching the keyboard from the main body of the laptop. A convertible laptop allows users to switch between laptop and tablet modes depending on their needs.

A detachable laptop is similar to a convertible laptop, but the keyboard is completely separate from the main body of the laptop and can be removed entirely. This means that a detachable laptop can be used as a standalone tablet, while a convertible laptop cannot.

The main advantage of a convertible laptop is versatility. It can be used as a traditional laptop for typing and other tasks that require a keyboard, and then switched to tablet mode for tasks that are easier to do with a touchscreen. Convertible laptops are also often more portable than traditional laptops, as they can be easily carried in tablet mode.

Overall, the choice between a convertible laptop and a traditional laptop will depend on your needs and preferences. If you want a device that can function as both a laptop and a tablet, a convertible laptop might be a good choice. If you primarily need a device for typing and don’t need the tablet functionality, a traditional laptop might be a better option.

Thus, it is not surprising that they are becoming more popular and new models appear. Thus, when choosing a convertible, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. So that you don’t get lost among so many proposals, we offer you this complete buying guide in which we include what we believe to be the five best models.

Top 10 Best Convertible Laptop in India

Convertible Laptop
Convertible Laptop

The most important

  • With convertible computers you enjoy the advantages of traditional laptops and tablets.In this way, you have a device with a touch screen and that handles with the same smoothness as a tablet, but with the features and software of a laptop computer and also with a practical keyboard.
  • Convertible laptops can be mainly of two types.Those with a 360º hinge and those with a chiclet keyboard.The former are especially interesting for people who will use them often as a laptop.The latter are ideal for traveling.
  • There are a wide variety of models with very different features and in all price ranges.Many manufacturers even offer equipment with different configurations to suit the different needs and budgets of users.

Ranking: The best convertible laptops on the market

In this section, we present the ranking that we have prepared with the five best convertible laptops currently available on the market.We have prepared it, trying to include equipment as varied as possible, but always choosing top brand products with a very good value for money.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Convertible Laptops

When purchasing a convertible laptop, it is essential that you consider a number of important issues.Do not forget that there are different models of convertible laptop with different technical specifications.For this reason, in this section we want to answer the questions that may arise in the purchase process.

What exactly are convertible laptops?

Convertible laptops are computers halfway between a laptop and a tablet.They offer many of the advantages of both types of devices, including a touch screen, the smoothness of the tablet, and the power and ergonomics of traditional notebooks.And of course they come with a built-in keyboard.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of convertible laptops?

Convertible laptops offer the functionality, capacity and power of a traditional laptop, along with the convenience and versatility of a tablet with its touch screen.Plus, since they are truly lightweight gear, you can take them with you virtually anywhere.

On the contrary, these types of devices usually do not have a large storage capacity, since they usually integrate SSD drives.In addition, it is advisable to be careful in the case of hinge convertibles because an excessive use of the same can end up deteriorating it due to wear:

Is a convertible laptop worth buying?

Of course, it is a really interesting option due to the advantages that we have just mentioned.In addition, buying a convertible computer saves money since you have two devices in one.In fact, this is one of the main reasons why its popularity continues to grow and with it also the number of units that are sold.

Who should buy a convertible laptop for?

Convertible computers are especially recommended for people who travel a lot or who travel a lot and often work with laptops.Traditional outfits are not overly comfortable;Therefore, in certain circumstances such as public transport trips, a computer that becomes a tablet is more appropriate.

What types of convertible laptops are there?

Convertible laptops can be mainly of two types: with a 360º hinge or with a chiclet keyboard.The former are more suitable for those who will use them more frequently as laptops, since they allow the equipment to be used in several different ways, since the keyboard can also be used as a support.

The second, for its part, is more suitable for mobility and for use as a tablet, since the keyboard also acts as a carrying case.In either case, the two can be used for productivity tasks.If you want to know more about the characteristics of each of these two types, you can consult the following table.

characteristicsWith 360º hingeWith chiclet keyboard or detachable
DesignThey can open or fold the screen to become tabletsThe keyboard detaches completely and can be used as a carrying case
BenefitsThey offer much higher performance.They usually integrate more powerful processors and have more RAM memoryTheir benefits are usually inferior, since they are limited when carrying the components in the part of the screen
DimensionsTheir dimensions are usually larger and they are usually less lightSmaller dimensions to offer more tablet-like functionality.In addition, they are lighter
ConnectionsThey usually have more connections USB, HDMI or expansion slotsSince they have less space available, some barely have a USB port and a connection for video

Purchase criteria

When it comes time to purchase a convertible laptop, it is essential that you take into account a series of purchase criteria.To make the selection process as easy for you as possible, we have selected those that in our opinion are the most important.Thus, you can use them as a guide in your purchase and you can adjust the value for money as much as possible.

  • Use that you are going to make of it
  • screen
  • RAM
  • Microprocessor
  • Storage capacity
  • Connectivity
  • Autonomy

Use that you are going to make of it

Logically, the first thing you should ask yourself is what use you are going to make of the convertible.You do not need the same type of equipment to use it mainly at home, to always carry it with you or to accompany you on trips.In the same way, depending on the tasks you are going to carry out with it, you will need a more or less powerful computer.

To surf the Internet, watch videos and check email or social networks, you have more than enough with low-end equipment. However, if you are going to use it for more demanding tasks, it is important that you bet on a convertible with better features. In that case, you’d better go for one with a sufficiently powerful processor and RAM .


In relation to the screen, one of the aspects that is given the most importance is size.In general, the screens of these devices are usually around 14 “. In any case, to watch videos and work with Microsoft Office with one of 11” you should have enough.Even if you want, you can speed up to 10 “. Less is not recommended.

Another aspect that you should consider is the resolution. This has a fundamental influence on the quality of the image that you will be able to enjoy. Current options are HD (High Definition), Full HD, and 4K. To this day, there is little content in 4K. However, the truth is that it is the standard that will end up imposing itself.


Random Access Memory or RAM (Random Access Memory) is what computers use as working memory.Hence its vital influence on the performance of a team.All the information processed by the processor and all the data managed by the various programs that are running are stored in RAM.

This is one of those cases where the more the merrier.In the low-end convertibles you can find computers with 2 GB of RAM, although the ideal is that you opt for a computer that has 4 GB or more.In addition, it is also important that you check what type of RAM it integrates.


The processors of these computers are much more powerful than those of traditional tablets.The low-end ones can use two-core Atom or Celeron processors, while the high-end ones can carry more powerful processors such as the Intel Core i3, the Core i5 or even the Core i7.

In this way, computers such as the Lenovo Yoga 910, 920 and 730 integrate the Core i7 processor, which offer magnificent features.In any case, manufacturers often offer different configuration options on their models.This is the case with the Microsoft Surface Pro, which comes in different configurations with the Intel Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7.

Storage capacity

Typically, these types of computers do not have large-capacity hard drives or storage units. This limitation is a consequence of the need to reduce their weight and to design very thin convertible laptops. However, most integrate SSD drives , which allow a much faster startup of the operating system.

Thus, many convertibles have storage units as small as 128 or 256 GB.In high-end equipment it is possible to find configurations with higher capacities that can reach up to 512 GB or 1 TB.A possible solution to this limitation is the use of portable hard drives to store the heaviest multimedia files.


In an increasingly connected world, the connectivity options available to the equipment you choose are another of the criteria that you must take into account.In this sense, some computers have certain limitations in the number of USB ports available.Ideally, you should have three or more, although there are few convertibles that only have two.

In addition, it must offer WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.If you are going to play video in high definition and you want to connect the convertible to a Smart TV or a projector, it should also have an HDMI output.Unfortunately, it is not very common for these teams to have it.And finally, a microSD card reader never hurts.

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With convertible laptops, you enjoy the productivity of laptops and the versatility of tablets, all in one device.In addition, today, some of these teams offer truly amazing performance.It is not surprising, therefore, that more and more people are betting on them.

When choosing the convertible you need, the first thing you should ask yourself is what use you are going to make of it.It will depend on whether you need one type of equipment or another.A low-end or high-end one that ensures much better performance.Similarly, you must decide what type of convertible computer you want: with a 360º hinge or one with a chiclet keyboard.

Finally, if this guide has been useful to you in your choice process, you can leave us a comment or share it with your friends and family through the different social networks.

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