Top 10 Best Baby Food Makers in India

Best Baby Food Makers in India for 2023 – A good baby food processor is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have as a busy mom when it comes to preparing nutritious meals for your growing child.

The best baby food processors in India listed here are multifunctional and cost-effective, in addition to saving time.
Since babies are so small, any food you give them must be finely pulverised and less chunky so that it can easily pass through their throat and help digestion.
There are a variety of tools for making baby food, but none are as flexible as a baby food processor.

Solids and liquids blend well in baby food processors. A baby food processor, unlike other blenders, can handle both hot and cold ingredients and still blend to your desired consistency. In reality, you’ll have fewer tasks to think about as a result of it.

Find the Best Baby Food Makers in India based on what customers said. After comparing more than a dozen Best Baby Food Makers, we think Kiddale 5in1 Smart Digital Baby Food Processor – Steamer, Blender, Grinder with Intelligent Touch Panel, Anti-Dry Protection, Disinfect and auto-Shut Off Feature-Blue is the Best Baby Food Makers.

All of these Frequently Asked questions make you crazy whenever coming up with them. We know your feelings because we used to be in this weird situation when searching for Best Baby Food Makers.

You will know how you should choose Best Baby Food Maker 2021 and What you should consider when buying the Best Baby Food Makers and Where to Buy or Purchase the Best Baby Food Makers. Just consider our rankings above as a suggestion. The final choice is yours.

Our 3 Top Picks

#1 Kiddale#2 Philips#3 LuvLap Regal
KiddalePhilipsLuvLap Regal
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Types of Baby Food Makers

There are various kinds available on the market. Considering how you intend to use yours and the type of food you want to prepare should assist you in choosing the best one for you and your family.

1. Blender.

Uses blades to turn solid foods into a smooth puree, much like a food processor. It works well on both raw and cooked fruits and vegetables. Allow some textured chunks to remain in the food for an older eater.

2. Steamer.

Steaming is a great way to cook food while keeping the nutrients. Hard-to-eat vegetables, such as broccoli, can be softened by steaming and then pureed or mashed for your baby to eat.

3. Masher.

This is a handheld device that mashes food into smaller chunks for easier consumption. You’ll use manual force to reduce a large item into something that can be fed by the spoonful, just like a potato masher.

4. 4-in-1.

This is a single unit that can perform multiple tasks. Defrosting, blending, steaming, and reheating are common examples. It’s an excellent choice for decluttering the kitchen and speeding up meal preparation.

5. One-step.

One-step models can perform multiple tasks in the baby food manufacturing process. Unlike 4-in-1 models, a one-step unit is pre-programmed and left to its own devices. Simply insert your raw vegetables, select the desired food process, and your baby’s meal will be ready when the bell rings.

6. Food Mill.

When working with softer foods, a food mill is ideal. Although many of them are manual, there are a few that are automatic. A handheld food mill is probably best for a more experienced eater. Picks: Best Baby Food Makers/ baybee food processor In India

We have crafted this list of Top 10 Best Baby Food Maker 2021 india available in India, along with a quick buyer’s guide to help you identify a suitable product for yourself and your family!

Top 10 Baybee Food Processors in India for Making Easy Baby Food

Your baby’s health is determined by what they eat; however, some babies do not like their meals, which is why we work so hard to get them to eat. If you’re looking for an appliance to help you prepare nutritious, natural, and nutrient-dense meals for your infant, let me assist you in making the best choice.

There’s no need to think beyond the box; instead, keep your budget, functionality, weight, and storage space in mind. With that in mind, here are the top ten baby food processors in India; don’t sleep on it; keep reading to find the one that’s right for you.

1. Kiddale Baby Food Processor

Kiddale Baby Food Processor with Grinder,

Your wait is now over. You’d been looking for a product that could steam, cut, mix, and other tasks in one go, saving you time while also preserving all of your child’s nutrients. Kiddale has now released a 5-in-1 Baby Food Processor that can perform all of these tasks in one jar and in the shortest amount of time. It has a touch screen panel, so you can disinfect the container, steam the food, blend it, and store it with just one touch. It also has all of the required safety features, such as auto shut-off, anti-dry protection, and an auto-clean function, as well as being made of food-grade materials.

This baby food processor is out of this world. I like it because of its five-in-one functionality and small size. You can multitask when using the product thanks to the auto-shutdown button. It has a disinfection control button that sterilises your baby’s bottle, spoons, and bowls, ensuring that your baby eats nutritious meals.

The processor is made entirely of non-toxic materials. A double safety switch on the product prevents it from running on its own. Another fantastic feature is the separate steaming style, which helps you to monitor the quality of your food.

Manufacturer Kiddale
Item model numberKDBFM1800EB
Product Dimensions26 x 27 x 8 cm;
Weight2.72 Kilograms
Included Components Touch screen controller, Tritan Stire cup,Stainless steel
blades,Steaming basket,Water tank and auto clean function.
  • Automatic shut-off button
  • BPA-free material
  • Simple to use
  • 300 watt power
  • Automatic clean feature
  • Outstanding customer support
  • Switch on auto for grinding and it completes by itself
  • Its little bit costly

2. Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

Philips Avent Combined Steamer and Blender

The Philips Avent baby food processor is a high quality product from one of my favourite kitchen equipment companies, known for their high-quality products. It is reasonably priced and works well with vegetables and other tougher ingredients.

With its extra strong blades that work seamlessly, it adds more colour to your kitchen. The product’s safety lock system ensures that it is safe to use. You can say that best baby food maker steamer and blender.

Philips is a well-known business. When it comes to baby care, they specialise in a variety of products, the most common of which include feeding bottles, pacifiers, and baby bottle sterilisers. They also sell one of the best baby processors in India, without a doubt.

This processor is extremely user-friendly and has a large range. Its dual purpose allows you to prepare delicious meals for your baby at the same time. It makes great baby food with a pleasant consistency that keeps the wet ingredients in tact. It’s perfect for busy moms, in my opinion.

Technical Details

BrandPhilips Avent
Model NumberSCF870/21
Batteries requiredNo
Dishwasher safeNo
Is portableNo
Product Dimensions16.5 x 16.5 x 30.8 cm;
Item model numberSCF870/21
ManufacturerPhilips Avent
Country of OriginIndonesia
Item Weight2 kg
  • Effective and strong
  • Scale and portability
  • Power output of 400 watts
  • It is easy to use.
  • Blades that are solid
  • A two-year warranty is included.
  • Its Plastic Jar not upto mark

3. Baybee 4 in 1 Smart Baby Food Processor

Baybee 4 in 1 Smart Baby Food Processor

Baybee is a high-end food processor. It is made of a high-quality, long-lasting, and chemical-free material. It can be used to heat up and steam cold baby food and is suitable for both liquid and solid products.It is best baby food maker

The product’s versatility is one of the reasons it’s at the top of my list; it provides the exact quality you need in a matter of minutes while maintaining the nutrients in your food.

To prevent messy conditions, the processor’s special spatula lets you extract food from the steaming container. This product allows you to save both time and money.

I really like this product because despite its high quality it is highly economical. Not forgetting that it gets your work done and gives a really nice result. You can prepare your baby’s food within minutes, I’m certain most moms will love this one.

Technical Details

Batteries requiredNo
Dishwasher safeNo
Is portableNo
Product Dimensions50 x 30 x 50 Millimeters
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight1 kg
  • Effective use of energy
  • Blades that are extremely strong
  • Model of exceptional quality
  • Easy on the bank account
  • Control is turned off automatically.
  • Its Little Noisy

4. LuvLap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor

LuvLap Regal Advanced+ Baby Food Processor, Combined Steamer and Blender

LuvLap’s baby food processor has a two-in-one feature that makes it easy to prepare tasty and healthy meals for your baby. The item is manufactured by a well-known company that is known for producing high-quality baby care products.

The Luvlap processor can be used to make a variety of tasty, nutritious purées in the most appropriate way for your baby’s growth and development. It includes instructions for steaming a variety of foods as well as the time it takes to steam them. The product is designed to be extremely fashionable, with intuitive control buttons that make it simple to operate.

Luvlap is a well-known company that produces everything from infant detergents, soaps, and shampoos to baby bathtubs, cradles, and strollers. So it’s no surprise to see this on the list of best baby food processors in India.

Regardless of your child’s age, this processor has you covered. I like the product because it has a variety of blending options so you can get the consistency you want. The auto-clean control on the processor makes it even easier to keep clean.

Vegetables, fruits, and meat can all be processed with the LuvLap Baby Food Processor. You can create a wide variety of recipes based on your preferred diet and your baby’s preferences. The efficient steam cycle aids in the optimum cooking of food.

Brand LuvLap
Batteries requiredNo
Product Dimensions30.48 x 14.22 x 26.42 cm;
Item model number18876
Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up
ManufacturerUniversal Corporation Ltd
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight2 kg 580 g
  • Auto Shutdown Regulator
  • Comes with a Cooking Timer
  • Food quantity measurement marks
  • Smart LCD display
  • Sterilization Regulator present
  • There were no drawbacks found.

5. BEABA Babycook Solo – 4 in 1 Baby Food Processor

BEABA Babycook Solo - 4 in 1 Baby Food Processor, Blender and Cooker

Cooking becomes more enjoyable and nutritious with this stunning food processor. It has a larger capacity tank, so you can cook huge batches at once, saving time and energy. The steaming bowl of the product keeps the cooking minerals and nutrients intact.

The processor comes with a very helpful cooking guide that tells you what fruits and vegetables to combine with it, as well as what solids you should introduce to your baby. It has a nice sharp blade that perfectly reduces chunks. It also has a bowl division for easy calculation and an auto switch control.

This is unquestionably one of the best baby food processors available. It’s incredibly easy to use and makes cooking a lot less stressful. Its blending filter also aids in the reduction of splashes.

Batteries requiredNo
Product Dimensions24 x 18 x 24 cm;
Item model number912817
Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up
ManufacturerUniversal Corporation Ltd
Country of OriginFrance
Item Weight2.31 Kilograms
  • It’s light.
  • This is an excellent cooking guide.
  • Simple to use
  • Spatula that is one of a kind
  • Aesthetically pleasing interface Auto-shutdown
  • Occasionally, the combining process leaves a large chunk of food behind.

6. LEGIT 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker

LEGIT 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker- Steamer, Blender, Defroster, Cooker,

There are good reasons why this is one of the best baby food processors in India. It has a 4-in-1 feature that guarantees your food will be ready in minutes. Its intelligent control buttons let you set your desired time so you can get on with other things. It has high-quality blades that easily cut both fruits and nuts.

The product is made of high-quality, chemical-free materials, ensuring safe cooking. Its consistent rapid heating system prevents overcooking and preserves the nutritional value of food. When the water storage tank is empty, it turns off automatically to protect the electric foundation.

Batteries requiredNo, Electric
Product Dimensions22.5 x 17.8 x 2 cm;
Item model numberLe_04_1
Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up
ManufacturerLegit Appliances and Electronics Pvt Ltd
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight2 kg 660 g
  • Control turn for automatic power off
  • Design of high quality
  • Stuff that is free of chemicals
  • Defroster and cooker options are also available in the larger water container.
  • It doesn’t grind as well as it should.

7. Rasikvar Mini Food Chopper Food Processor

Rasikvar Mini Electric 220V Food Chopper Food Processor Blenders

The Rasikvar capsule food processor can cut and blend meats, fruits, and vegetables with its four sharp blades. It’s also easy to clean and disassemble. This product will smooth out the texture of your baby’s food.

You can monitor the quality and quantity of your meals with its transparent container. It’s safer, more versatile, and quicker than traditional cooking.

Batteries requiredNo, Electric
Product Dimensions23 x 10 x 10 Centimeters
Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up
ManufacturerLegit Appliances and Electronics Pvt Ltd
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight900 g
  • Style that is exclusive
  • Blades that are solid
  • The size is nice and small.
  • a powerful motor
  • Power output of 200 watts
  • The lid is easy to stain and difficult to clean.

8. Taurus Robot Vapore Baby Food Steamer/Blender/Chopper

Taurus Robot Vapore 1050-Watt Baby Food Steamer/Blender/Chopper (White/Rose Brown)

If you’re into safe living, the Taurus Robot Vapore processor is a must-have. It can be used to steam and mix a wide range of foods, and it produces the smoothest results in a short amount of time.

This product appeals to me because it is efficient and helps you to blend and steam at the same time. It has a stainless steel blade and a 1.7-liter tub, allowing you to make big batches that can be stored in the refrigerator.It chops meat, vegetables, and prepares sauces with a powerful stainless steel blade for ideal textures. 1050W graduated jar with 1.7 l of BPA-free space.

Steaming feature with up to 30 minutes of cooking time helps you to prepare a large number of dishes while keeping the nutritional value of the food. Includes a steam cooking basket as well as a basket that allows you to work on two levels. To remove the basket and spatula, use the handle.

Includes a recipe book of over 100 recipes for appetisers, entrees, sweets, and a range of infant milkshakes and milkshakes.

BrandRobot Vapore
Batteries requiredNo, Electric
Product Dimensions22.6 x 28.4 x 42.2 Centimeters
Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up
ManufacturerTaurus Group
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight3 kg 870 g
  • It also comes with a handy recipe guide.
  • It’s easy to use and comes with a chopper. It’s also safe and hygienic.
  • A system that is considerably quieter.
  • 1050 watts of power
  • 220 -240 volts operating voltage
  • It is expensive

9. MOHAK Baby Food Maker

MOHAK Baby Food Maker, Mini 4 in 1 Homemade Baby Food Cooker, Infant Feeding Blender Puree Processor with Steaming,

Heating and Defrosting Functions in a Mini 4 in 1 Homemade Baby Food Cooker Tools for Growing Organic Food
High-speed Grind, Blade Blending.Functional 4 in 1 Food Maker Combine with Steaming, Blending, Heating and Defrost functions, a best cooking tool for your baby Mini Size — Food Maker,the smallest size in food makers. — Esay to store and clean, One-hand control. Separate Food and Water — 360 Steam heating food in the basket, soup and food completely separated. — Separated soup is great for adjusted concentration of baby food.

Dual Blade Blending, High-speed Grind — 360◦comprehensive chopping food ingredients, grind out the original and natural taste of food. –Baby food maker allow parents to create fresh and nutritious baby food quickly and easily. More Safety No harm to babies, made from Tritan material, 100% baby-safe and 0% BPA material. From scratch, try to make baby’s food at home, then your baby can enjoy a variety of food options with pediatrician’s approval. Specification Weight: 3.3 lb

Size: 9.2″x7.1″x7.9″ Outlet Voltage: AC 110-125v (Power input restriction supports 110-125v only) Power Cord Length: 4ft Heater Power: 300w The Stirring Power: 120w Measure Water Cup Capacity: 190ml Steaming Basket Maximum Solid Capacity: 11oz Mix Cup of Minimum Capacity: 1.76oz Mix Cup of Maximum Capacity: 12oz Note 1.

Please read the manual carefully and use the product correctly. 2.Do not immerse the main engine of the product into the cleaning water or any other liquid. 3.Do not disassemble, repair and modify this product by youself. 4.Be careful with the blade(very sharp) and avoid cut. What You Get: Set of Mini 4 in 1 Food Maker, Spatula, Baby Food Recipe, Measure Cup, Cleaning Tool and our friendly customer service.

Batteries requiredNo, Electric
Product Dimensions15 x 15 x 7 Centimeters
Manufacturer recommended age6 months and up
Country of OriginChina
Item Weight300 Grams
  • It creates a well-textured meal by gathering all of the cooking juices, which are high in
  • nutrients and minerals, and mixing them together.
  • The manual cyclone-effect blade ensures customised mixing for food quality according to your child’s age.
  • It can steam food in 15 minutes while keeping the nutrients and flavours intact.
  • It can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Simple to transport
  • In this steamer, you will defrost and then reheat cold baby food.
  • Does not work well after a few months Winner: Best Baby Food Makers In India

1st Step 5 in 1 Manual Baby Food Maker and Processor, Green
  • Multi-Purpose Usage:- Can Be Used To Mash Food, Squeeze Juices, Grate And Strain Food For Your Little One.
  • Can Be Used As A Feeding Bowl As It Comes With A Spoon
  • Detachable Anti-Skid Base Keeps The Masher From Slipping
  • Microwave Friendly; Made Of High Quality Non-Toxic Material And Is BPA Free
  • Compact And Easy To Carry, Store And Clean

Buying guide for the Best Baby Food Maker india

What to Look for in a Baby Food Maker

Motor Size.

The power of the motor may limit the type of food you can prepare. Smaller motors might be better suited to pureeing cooked fruits or for occasional use. However, if you plan to introduce foods such as beef brisket, you may require something with more oomph.


Saving time is important for moms, but it should not come at the expense of safety. Check to see if the appliance was made with FDA-approved materials and if it has undergone any safety tests. Some food processors also have safety features such as automatic cut offs or child locks.

Use Frequency.

Do you intend to prepare baby’s food at each mealtime? You might not require a heavy-duty option capable of preparing monster batches in a single shot. Do you intend to use your baby food maker only on occasion? You may not mind if some convenience features are absent.


Size and bulk may not be an issue if you only intend to use your baby maker at home. However, if you plan on taking it to your in-laws or a dinner with friends, something more compact and portable may be preferable.

Type of meal.

Knowing what kind of food you’ll be preparing can help you decide which product is best for you. If you expect your child to eat mostly fruits and vegetables, you won’t need a baby food maker that can also process meats and nuts.


Baby food makers have a variety of features. Choose a product that both steams and blends if you want to go from raw vegetable to smooth, steamed puree. If you have an older baby who prefers more textured foods, a handheld masher or a simple food processor may suffice.

Think about how, what, and where you will feed your baby. If you want to feed your baby on the go, a baby food maker that allows you to make your own pouches may come in handy. Choose a product with freezer or refrigerator storage options if you prefer to steam, process, and then store. Consider what you’ll be cooking, as some products work well with fruits and vegetables but not so well with meats or grains.

The age of your child.

If your baby is just beginning to eat solids, you’ll most likely need something that can puree. Older babies who are transitioning to self-feeding may already be able to handle textured foods. Something that mashes or chops may suffice in this case.


Although price is not always an indicator of quality, some of the more expensive baby food makers are more efficient and easier to use. Consider how frequently you intend to use the baby food maker. If you intend to prepare the majority—or all—of your baby’s food, investing in a high-quality appliance that will make your life easier may be worthwhile in the long run. If you intend to use the product on multiple children, an investment may be worthwhile. If you only intend to use the product for a few months or for a small amount of food, a less expensive option may be preferable.


Glass and plastic are two common materials used to make baby food makers. If you prefer to avoid potentially harmful chemicals found in plastics and are concerned about the environment, a baby food maker with a glass bowl may be the best option for you. Choose a BPA-free product if you prefer the durability of plastic.

Maintenance .

Before purchasing, always read the care instructions to learn how to properly clean your baby food maker. Because the product is used to prepare food for your baby, it is critical that it is thoroughly cleaned after each use to avoid foodborne illness. If you’re short on time and energy, you’ll probably prefer a dish that can be washed in the dishwasher over one that must be hand-washed.

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FAQ’s About Baby Food Maker

1. Is it cheaper to make your own baby food ?

Answer: – Making your own baby food may be less expensive than purchasing store-bought baby food. Consider the price of a single sweet potato, which can yield 2 to 3 servings of baby food, versus the price of 2 or 3 jars of pre-made baby food. However, you should consider convenience as well. For some parents, the cost of convenience outweighs the cost of the product.

2. When do babies start eating baby food ?

Answer: – When babies reach the developmental milestones required for solid food feeding, they can begin eating solid food. This usually happens around the age of six months. You can start with homemade or store-bought baby food purees or baby-led weaning. Skip the purees and move straight to soft finger foods with baby-led weaning. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to introducing solid foods to your baby, so do what feels right for you and your family.

3. Is a food processor or blender better for baby food ?

Answer: – The food processor is probably more versatile for baby food. You can grind grains, chop fruit, puree meat, and more with the interchangeable blades and discs. Blenders are better known for their ability to liquefy food. They’re even capable of chopping ice!

4. Can you use a blender as food processor for baby food?

Answer: – In general, you can use either a blender or a food processor to make baby food. When using fibrous ingredients like celery or kale, a blender can help you achieve a smooth texture. Most baby food recipes require the use of both a blender and a food processor to achieve the desired consistency.

5. Is a food processor good for baby food ?

Answer: –You can probably use either a blender or a food processor to make blended or pureed baby food. For fibrous ingredients like kale or celery, a blender may achieve a smoother consistency. However, for most baby food recipes, both a blender and a food processor will produce the desired consistency.

6. Benefits of Using a Baby Food Maker ?

Answer: –Here are a few reasons to get excited about homemade baby food if you’ve been wondering why there’s such a buzz about it.
You have complete control over what goes into your baby’s food.
It’s less expensive than buying ready-made food.
You can play around with flavour combinations that aren’t available in store-bought foods.
Your baby will be able to eat the same foods as you.
If you have any allergies, making your own baby food is a great option.
You’re helping the environment by not throwing away empty cartons, cans, or jars.
You might find that whipping out the baby food maker is more convenient than making endless grocery store trips.

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