Aquaguard Aura Water Purifier Review

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV E-boiling, Ultra Filtration, Active Copper, Mineral Guard Technology, Water Purifier (Black & Copper), 7 Liter

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura 7L water purifier UV 

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You don’t need to examine any other model if you’re looking for the best Aquaguard water purifier. Aura is one of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard’s most recent premium flagship water purifier products, which debuted during Diwali in the year 2020.

Despite the fact that it is a new model, it has already attracted a large number of clients due to its premium appearance and creative features. It has over 2000 customer reviews across different e-commerce platforms in India at the time of writing this post, which is a large consumer base considering the short time it has been available.

Aura has a great deal to offer. Let’s take a brief look at the fundamental parameters before diving into its features and benefits.

What are the Aquaguard Aura specifications?

Flow Rate250 ml/min
No of Stages8
TDS 500 – 2000
Warranty1 Year

How is the Aquaguard Aura’s design?

Aquaguard Aura has a stylish black and copper colour scheme that would go well with your trendy kitchen.

If you can effectively disguise the pre-filter and other wires, this water purifier may make your space look luxury and luxury on its own.

The water purifier’s whole body, including the storage tank, is composed of high-quality food-grade plastic. The device’s overall weight is only 8Kg, thanks to its all-plastic design, and it can be readily wall mounted without exerting too much pressure.

The purifier’s overall beauty is enhanced by the attractive tap with metallic finish and the stripe water level indication at the top.

It has a versatile design that allows you to mount it on the wall or place it on a table. The power switch is on the right side of the metallic tap. Different colour lights are preset for different conditions and LED indicators are incorporated in the button.

What are the Filtration Techniques used in Aquaguard Aura?

Aquaguard Aura includes an eight-stage water purification system that successfully removes nearly all contaminants from your input water.

It comes in two versions, one with RO+UV technology and the other with UV+UF technology. If you have access to municipal water 24 hours a day, the UV+UF option offers the most value for money.

If you wish to cleanse borewell water, however, RO+UV is the best option. I-Filter, Mineral Guard, Chemi Block, Membrane Life Enhancer, Taste Adjuster, RO, UV, and Copper Infusion are the eight steps.

The I-Filter removes all suspended particles such as dust, sand, and other contaminants, whilst the Chemi Block removes all organic impurities and excess chlorine.

TDS, hardness, pesticides, and metal components such as arsenic, mercury, and lead are all reduced using a high-quality RO membrane. Every drop of water that exits the purifier goes through a 20-minute UV e-boiling treatment. It removes any viruses, germs, and other contaminants that the Chemi Block missed.

What further advantages can Aquaguard Aura offer?

The Aquaguard Aura comes with a 7-liter storage tank, which is enough for a medium-sized family of 4 to 5 people.

The Aquaguard Aura’s most essential selling point is the newest Active Copper Technology. Because copper has been shown to have health benefits, the Active Copper Technology guarantees that every drop of water is infused with the appropriate amount of copper ions before being dispensed.

RO treatment is well known for removing all important nutrients and minerals from water. To prevent this, the Mineral Guard Technology aids in the retention of all vital minerals and nutrients.

It also contains a Taste Adjuster model that sweetens water from any source, including borewell and municipal water.

The whole Aquaguard Aura comes with a complimentary one-year guarantee. Also, keep in mind that the filter life is not covered by the warranty.

The typical life of the internal filter is 6000 to 8000L, depending on the water supply, according to lab studies. When the filter is nearing the end of its life, Aura will generate a continuous beep sound to alert you that it’s time to replace it. It will stop pouring water after the filter expires if you do not replace it.

  • 8 stage purification system
  • Taste adjuster
  • 7 L storage tank
  • Water level indicator
  • Power button with LED indicators
  • Premium design and build quality
  • Copper infused water
  • Advanced UV e-boiling technology
  • Retains all the essential minerals
  • Filter change alarms
  • Wall/table top mountable
  • 1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Quite pricey
  • There is no RO+UV+UF version.
  • Internal filters have a shorter average life.
  • Many areas have poor service and installation.
  • 1 litre of waste water = 1 litre of purified water

Should you purchase Aquaguard Aura?

Aura stands out amid the competition in this price range thanks to its aesthetically beautiful design and features such as Active copper and Mineral Guard technologies. Without a doubt, we can state that this is the greatest aquaguard water purifier available in India.

There is no reason not to purchase Aquaguard Aura if you have the funds for a high-end premium water purifier.If you’re looking for a less expensive option to Aura, try Aquaguard Marvel, which also has this superior copper infusion technology.

You Save : ₹ 5,001
Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Aura UV E-boiling, Ultra Filtration, Active Copper, Mineral Guard Technology, Water Purifier (Black & Copper), 7 Liter
  • Installation is provided for this model
  • 6 Stages of purification with high water storage capacity of 7 litres.Water Flow Rate:550 to 650 ml/minute
  • Patented Active Copper Technology provides goodness of copper in water
  • UV e-boiling technology ensures that every drop of water is as healthy & safe as water boiled for 20 minutes
  • Ultra Filtration imparts crystal clear clarity to your drinking water in addition to making is safe from viral & bacterial contaminations* UV+UF removes viruses
  • Patented Mineral Guard Technology to retain essential minerals in your water
  • 1 year warranty*
  • 7 Liter capacity
  • Booster Pump is required for the functioning of water purifier in case of inlet water pressure being less than 0.3kg/cm sq. Available through our service technician at an additional cost.

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